Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Herreros Seeking Westerns; Spain Mad for Giddyaps [archived newspaper artivle.]




     Spain is currently going for Yank westerns, either new or old, in a big way, according to Enrique G. Herreros, who was in New York last week, buying product which he thinks will do well in Spain. After setting deals in the U.S. Herreros lines up different Spanish distribution companies.

     Tipoff on oat operas is the fact that when Herreros left Madrid early in December, there were 17 different cowboy pix being produced in Spain. Native gypsies are cast as Indians, Herreros cited that the level country near Barcelona is a fairly good replica of the American plains. As to cowboy ponies, he pointed out that there are plenty of horses available for such “epics”.

     The present vogue for reissues in Spain is also so pronounced that Herreros wouldn’t believe it if he did not know it firsthand. Hence, some of the product he is acquiring includes oldies like “Red River,” which he already has sold to Filmex for distrib.

     Herreros’ father some years back was a film producer in Spain where he was associated with such stars as Sarita Montiel, Bati Mistral and Soledad Miranda. His parent originally handled “G-Man” in Spain when it first came out in 1934-35, and suggested to his son that he be sure to buy the reissue for handling in Spain.   

[Submitted by Michael Ferguson]

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