Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Spaghetti Western Location ~ SCO Ostia Antica

A small western village built near Ostia Studios SCO Ostia Antica outside of Rome, Italy. It consisted of two streets that lead to a square where a large saloon stood out: at the end of the street on the left there is a low building with a canopy which serves as a stable or warehouse. This appears in "Thompson 1880" (1966); “Kill Johnny Ringo” (1966); "My Name is Pecos" (1967) " The Dirty Outlaws "(1967); “Kill the Wicked” (1967; "Black Jack" (1968) and "Death Sentence" (1968). The western village, as an abandoned film set, is also used in the finale of the film "Once Upon a Time a Gangster" (1969) by Marco Masi, with Richard Harrison and Ingrid Schoeller.

“Kill Johnny Ringo” (1966)

“My Name is Pecos” (1967)

“The Dirty Outlaws” (1967)

“Kill the Wicked” (1967)

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