Monday, November 30, 2020

RIP Abby Dalton


American actress Abby Dalton, the bubbly actress who starred on the 1960 TV sitcoms ‘Hennesey’ and ‘The Joey Bishop Show’ before portraying the scheming winery heiress Julia Cumson on the primetime soap ‘Falcon Crest’, has died. She was 88. Born Gladys Marlene Wasden in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 15, 1932, Dalton died November 23, 2020 in Los Angeles after a long illness. Abby appeared in one Euro-western as Ma Dalton in 1997’s “Buck and the Magic Bracelet.”

United Screen Arts Adds Italian Production Unit [archived newspaper article.]

 Tepepa on the horizon



Page 27


Announcing the formation of the production company Film America, which would later be involved in the production of “Tepepa” aka “Blood and Guns” that same year, along with, P.E.F.S.A. in Madrid.


(It was a USA-Italo corporation (the Italians had to down play the Americans involvement)

[submitted by Mike Ferguson and Gary Williams] 

European Western Comic Books ~ Arizona Gim

Arizona Gim

(Arizona Jim)

This comic book series featured different characters, all of English origin, but made by Spanish authors: Arizona Gim (Arizona Jim) was designed first by Badia and then Angel Salmeron for Bardon Art #1-#10, Ryan Del Missouri was designed by Angel Salmeron for Bardon Art #1-#4 and #6-#9, Jim Bridger #5, #6, Fortebraccio il Mohawk #10 AND Buffal Bill by Jesus Blasco #1-#10.

The series was first published in August of 1960 and ended in May of 1961. It was published in Milan, Italy under the direction of Dardo Publishing House under the direction of Franco Bagolini. Each issue contained 128 pages with black and white pages with color covers.