Monday, December 31, 2012

New Film Release

Dead in Tombstone – International title

A 2012 U.S.A., Romanian co-production [Universal 1440 Entertainment (Hollywood), Castel Film (Bucharest)]
Producer: Mike Elliott, Albert T. Dickerson III
Director: Roel Reiné
Story: Brendan Cowles (Jan Cowles), Shane Kuhn
Screenplay: Brendan Cowles (Jan Cowles), Shane Kuhn
Cinematography: Roel Reiné [color]
Music: Shie Rozow
Running time: ?

Satan – Mickey Rourke (Philip Rourke, Jr.)
Guerrero Hernandez – Danny Trejo (Dan Trejo)
Red Hernandez – Anthony Michael Hall
Calathea – Dina Meyer
Jack Sutter – Richard Dillane
Snake – Edward Akrout
Liza – Catalina Grama
Ramos – Ronan Summers
Preacher – Claudiu Trandafir
Young Rip - Corneliu Ulici
Washington - Radu Andrei Micu
Snake’s girl - Ornella Boulé
Judah Clark – Colin Mace
Vera – Miriam Rizea
Stunts: Florian Ciprian, Marius Florian, Dudu Mihai, Cosmin Padureanu, Josef Schützenhofer

Guerrero Hernandez is the leader of the Blackwater Gang of outlaws. But after freeing his half-brother, Red, from prison, Guerrero’s plan to loot the mining town of Edendale backfires spectacularly, when he is double crossed by his half-sibling. After making a deal with the Devil, Guerrero comes back from the dead a year later to seek his revenge. The town, which has presciently been renamed Tombstone will soon have its dusty streets running knee-deep in a river of blood.         

YouTube Trailer:

Delayed opening, now scheduled for September 1, 2013 

Happy 80th Birthday Paolo Villagio

Paolo Villaggio was born on December 31, 1932 in Genoa, Italy. Villagio is an Italian actor, writer, director and comedian. He is noted for the characters he created with paradoxical and grotesque characteristics: Professor Kranz, the ultra-timid Giandomenico Fracchia, and the obsequious and meek accountant Ugo Fantozzi, perhaps the most favorite character in Italian comedy. He has written several books, usually of a satirical character. He has also acted in dramatic roles, and has appeared in several movies among which were two Euro-westerns: “In the Name of the Father” (1969) and “Don’t Touch the White Woman!” (1973). Today we celebrate Paolo Villagio’s 80th birthday.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

RIP MIke Hopkins

Hollywood sound editor and Oscar winner Mike Hopkins has been named as the Greytown man who died in a rafting accident in the Tararua Range, New Zealand

Hopkins, 53, died after his inflatable raft flipped on the Waiohine River about 3pm yesterday. He was found dead in the water by a rescue helicopter crew, downstream from his two companions, who were both recovered alive.

Hopkins signed on as sound designer for Sir Peter Jackson's 1992 horror/comedy “Braindead”. It was the first of many films they made together over the next 20 years. Hopkins was at Jackson's side during the making of “Heavenly Creatures”, “The Lord of The Rings” trilogy and “King Kong”. He won sound editing Oscars for his work on “The Two Towers” in 2003 and “King Kong” in 2006, along with American Ethan Van der Ryn. The pair were also nominated for their work on the sci-fi box office hit “Transformers” in 2008. Shortly after his nomination for the latter, Hopkins told The Dominion Post that Academy Awards were not the sort of thing he strived for, but it was nice to win them. Hopkins served as dubbing editor on the 1974 Euro-western “Billy Two Hats”. Hopkins has also been nominated for five British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards.


Il prezzo del potere - Italian title
La muerte de un presidente - Spanish title
Ringo y el precio del poder - Spanish title
En hämnares väg - Finnish title
Texas - French title
Blutiges Blei - German title
O Preço do Poder - Portuguese title
Det blodiga Dallas - Swedish title
Cena Vlasti - Yugoslavian title
A Bullet for the President - U.S.A. title
The Price of Power - English title

A 1969 Italian, Spanish co-production [Patry Film (Rome), Films Montana (Madrid)]
Producer: Bianco Manini
Director: Tonino Valerii (Antonio Valerii)
Story: Massimo Patrizi, Ernesto Gastaldi
Screenplay: Massimo Patrizi
Cinematography: Stelvio Massi [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Luis Enriquez Bacalov
Song: “Catch a Star from the Sky” sung by Norma Jordan
Running time: 119 minutes

William ‘Bill’ Willer – Clint Eastman (Giuliano Gemma)
Arthur McDonald - Warren Vanders (Warren VanderSchuit)
President James Garfield - Van Johnson (Charles Johnson)
Lucretia Garfield - Maria Jesus Cuadra (Maria Perez)
Jack Donovan - Ray Saunders (Wilfred Saunders)
Sheriff Jefferson - Benito Stefanelli
Mr. Pinkerton - Fernando Rey (Fernando Arambillet)
Vice President - José Suárez (José Sánchez)
Nick - Manuel Zarzo (Manolo Zarza)
Wallace - Mike Harvey (Michael Harvey)
Governor of Texas - Julio Peña (Julio Muñoz)
Governor’s wife – Luisa Sala
Doctor Strips - Pepe Calvo (José Salgado)
Mr. Willer - Antonio Casas (Antonio Barros)
Mortimer - Frank Braña (Francisco Pérez)
Brett - Lorenzo Robledo
Deputies - José Canalejas, Carlos Bravo (Ramon Bravo), Riccardo Pizzuti
Annie Goddard - Norma Jordan
Slim – Joaquin Parra
Cotton - Ãngel Ãlvarez (Ãngel Fernández)
Pat – Francisco Sanz
Lawyer - Ãngel del Pozo (Ãngel Merino)
Wallace henchman – Paolo Figlia
With: Massimo Carocci, Franco Meroni, Luis Rico Pelaez, Ralph Neville, Lisardo Iglesias

At the end of the war of secession, President Garfiedl is committed to solve all the problems that gave rise to the conflict and to restore law and order to the Union. During a trip to the South, where the grievances still rage not yet, Garfield is assassinated by unknown assailants, in Dallas, Texas. The culprits are suspected to be William Willer and Jack Donovan, two Texans who had fought in the war for the Union army, under the command of then Colonel Garfield. While Donovan is killed during transfer to prison, Willer, manages to escape, and starts his own investigation of the crime and with the help of McDonald, secretary of the assassinated President, Willer discovers and punishes the real culprits for the death of President Garfield.