Wednesday, January 31, 2018

RIP Anatoliy Reznikov

Polish director and animator Anatoly Reznikov died in Germany on January 31, 2018. He was 78. Leopold Anatoly Reznikov was born on December 20, 1940 in Bialystok, Poland. The future director spent his childhood and youth in Tbilisi. In 1961 he began work at the Central Documentary Film Studio in Moscow, where he was fascinated by animation. After Reznikov passed special courses, he began to take the first steps in making animated cartoons. He directed the 1981 Russian animated western film short “Raz kovboy, dva kovboy”.

Who Are Those Gals? ~ Barbara Carroll

We can only speculate on actress Barbara Carroll. She was sometimes billed late in her career as Barbara Carrol. If we believe the IMDb she was most likely an American starlet born in the early 1930s, who began her career with a minor role in 1951’s “The Lady Says No” followed by four more American films. Then after a six year hiatus she shows up in Rome, Italy appearing in “The Last Days of Pompeii” followed by seven more Italian films, including four westerns, before her last appearance in 1972’s “The Boldest Job in the West.” She had a striking appearance and should have made a decent heroine in the action/adventure genre of films. Researching her is not easy as a jazz pianist with the same name dominates the Internet.

CARROLL, Barbara (aka Barbara Carrol) [American] – film actress.
Rick and John, Conquerors of the West - 1967 (Barbara Scott)
Death on High Mountain – 1969 (Arlena Braddock)
Zorro in the Court of England - 1969 (Queen Victoria) [as Barbara Carrol]
The Boldest Job in the West - 1972 (Sophia) [as Barbara Carrol]

Special Birthdays

Sheyla Rosin (actress) is 75 today.

Paul Jabara (actor) would have been 70 today, he died in 1992.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

New Book Release

Wilder Westen Made in Germany
Author: Reiner Boller

Publisher: Mühlbeyer Filmbuchverlag
Pages: 524
Available: January 22, 2018

A handbook on the German Western by Reiner Boller. From silent films about Karl May to films of the Italian Western, DEFA Indian and South America adventures; with many location photographs, interviews and portraits.

In online bookshops everywhere.

Two Brides for a Bullfighter

Dos novias para un torero – Spanish title
Dos charros y una gitana – Mexican title
Una spada per due cuori – Italian title
Two Brides for a Bullfighter – English title

A 1956 Spanish, Mexican co-production [Atenea Films (Madris), Mier y Brooks (Mexico City)]
Producer: José Antonio Nieves Conde
Director: Tony Roman (Antonio Román)
Story: Natividad Zaro
Screenplay: Luis Colina, Antonio Román
Dialogue: José Luis Colina, Antonio Román
Cinematography: Cecilio Paniagua [black & white]
Music: Augusto Algueró
Song: “A los quince o veinte tragos...” sung by Paquita Rico, Manuel Capetillo
Song: “Canción de la novia” sung by Paquita Rico, Manuel Capetillo
Running time: 86 minutes

Manuel Arbó, Xan das Bolas, Lola Bremón (Dolores Bremón), Licia Calderón, Manuel Capetillo, Jesús Colomer, Amparo de Lerma, María Victoria del Castillo, Hebe Donay, Ángel de Echenique, José García Talavera, José Ramón Giner, Manuel Guitián, José Isbert,    José María Labernié, Goyo Lebrero, Javier Loyola, Paquita Rico, Antonio Riquelme, Blanca Suárez,       Aníbal Vela, Concha Velasco, José Venegas 'El Bronco'

Two brides for a bullfighter tells the story of Miguel Caballero, a Mexican bullfighter who, after being married by proxy with Malena, a woman he does not love, travels to Spain in search of a new life.  There he meets another woman for whom he become infatuated with, a gypsy who is dedicated to dancing and singing in a flamenco venue. Miguel decides to leave his wife and look for any opportunity to be with his Spanish beloved.