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RIP Anna Ofelia Murguía


Veteran Mexican actress Anna Ofelia Murguía died in Mexico City on December 31st. She was 90. Born in Mexico City on December 8, 1933, she appeared in over 100 films and television series between 1967 and 2018. Although she had very few leading roles in her career, the quality of her acting work made her one of the most recognized actresses in Mexican cinema. Ofelia appeared in one Euro-westerns as Consuelo in 2006’s “Bandidas” starring Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz.

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Little Known Spaghetti Western Actors ~ Chiro Bermejo

[These daily posts will cover little known actors or people that have appeared in more recent films and TV series. Various degrees of information that I was able to find will be given and anything that you can add would be appreciated.]

Chiro Bermejo was a Spanish character actor who appeared in over 50 films and television series from 1963 until 1980. He’s another of the many overlooked character actors who were active during the heyday of the Spanish film industry with no articles or biographical information on the Internet

Chiro appeared in three Spaghetti westerns, all in the mid-1960s.

BERMEJO, Chiro (aka Chiara Bermejo) [Spanish] – film, TV actor.

A Few Dollars for Django – 1966 (bartender)

The Ugly Ones – 1966 (Dade)

For a Few Bullets More – 1967 (Bocazas)

New Spanish Blu-ray “Gran duelo al amanecer”


Gran duelo al amanecer

(The Grand Duel)



Director: Giancarlo Santi

Starring: Lee Van Cleef, Horst Frank, Alberto Dentice, Jess Hahn


County: Spain

Label: Mon Inter

BD-R release

Aspect ratio: 2.35:1

Audio: Spanish, English, German

Subtitles: Spanish

Running time: 98 minutes


Released: December 20, 2023

Spaghetti Western Locations for “Face to Face”

We continue our search for locations for “Face to Face”. The next scene shows Williams telling Bennett he’s just an ordinary citizen who’s preoccupied with one the problems they have there. A certain Sam Taylor has hired a bunch of gunmen and murderers and has gained control of the entire community. Taylor controls the sheriff and the sheriff controls Bennett’s friend Aaron Chase. The sheriff keeps him hidden and Williams knows where it is. Williams tells Bennett that if he returns freedom to Purgatory City, Williams will promise to provide freedom for Aaron plus $5,000 from the citizens in appreciation. Bennett that’s a small amount of gratitude. Williams offers to double it. Bennett agrees. Williams tells Bennett that Taylor is out of town, and he should eliminate his gang before he comes back. Bennett says no if you kill the boss the gang will break up. He asks Williams if Taylor has a righthand man. He’s told yes, a man called Reagan. Williams demands Bennett kill only one person to avoid a massacre.

This scene was filmed Elios Studios, Rome, Lazio, Italy.

For a more detailed view of this site and other Spaghetti Western locations please visit my friend Yoshi Yasuda’s location site:  and Captain Douglas Film Locations

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Little Known Spaghetti Western Actors ~ Zev Berlinsky

[These daily posts will cover little known actors or people that have appeared in more recent films and TV series. Various degrees of information that I was able to find will be given and anything that you can add would be appreciated.]

Zeev Berlinsky came to Israel from Poland as a child and started his acting career on stage at the age of 12. He studied at the Stadts Theater School in Berlin in 1931. The IMDb credits him with two dozen film appearances from 1961 to 1984, but I suspect he’s appeared in many more. Berlinsky made his film debut in 1961 in a supporting role in the Israeli film “Hem Hayu Asarah”. He made his first appearance in a German film in 1961 in the Dr. Mabuse film adaptation “Im Stahlnetz des Dr. Mabuse” by Harald Reinl with Gert Fröbe, Lex Barker and Daliah Lavi, in which he played the supporting role of the Man with the Wooden Leg. In 1962 he played the supporting role of Garnett in the crime film “The Secret of the Black Suitcases”, directed by Werner Klingler, with Joachim Hansen, Senta Berger and Hans Reiser in the leading roles. In the 1962 film “The Invisible Claws of Dr. Mabuse”, also directed by Harald Reinl, starring Lex Barker, Karin Dor and Siegfried Lowitz, he again appeared in a supporting role as the Man in the Morgue. He also played a supporting role as Gulliver in “The Testament of Dr. Mabuse” (1962) by Werner Klingler with Gert Fröbe, Senta Berger and Helmut Schmid. In 1963 he played a supporting role as a street sweeper in the Edgar Wallace film adaptation “Der Fluch der gelben Snake” by Franz Josef Gottlieb with the leading actors Joachim Fuchsberger, Brigitte Grothum and Pinkas Braun

In the 1965 German-Israeli film “One Plays Wrong” directed by Menahem Golan with Audie Murphy, Marianne Koch and George Sanders, he appeared in the role of Benz. In the 1966 film comedy “Long Legs – Long Fingers” with Senta Berger, Joachim Fuchsberger and Martin Held, directed by Alfred Vohrer, he portrayed the diamond fencer Snapper. In 1984 he was seen as Ze'ev Berlinski in the Israeli film “Sapar Nashim” by Ze'ev Revach with Gabi Amrani, Alik Arma and Tikva Aziz.

Zeev stated in in a 1973 newspaper article that he had acted once before as an Indian in a German television western. It was also mentioned Berlinsky owned a night club and the Aladdin Cafe

BERLINSKY, Zev (aka Ze'ev Berlinski) (Zeev Berlinski) [1917, Poland – 1/28/1990, Tel Aviv, Israel    ] – theater, film, TV actor, owned a Tel Aviv night club and the Aladdin Café.

Billy Two Hats – 1973 (Apache)

New Spanish DVD release “El Tesoro de los Incas”


“El Tesoro de los Incas”

(Lost Treasure of the Aztecs)



Director: Piero Pierotti

Starring: Alan Steel, Mario Petri, Toni Sailer


Country: Spain

Label: Impulso Records


Region: 2

Aspect ratio: 16/9, 2.35:1

Languages: Spanish, Italian

Subtitles: None

Running time:101 minutes

Extras: Interactive Menus, Direct access to scenes and extras: Technical and artistic data sheet, photo gallery


Released December 22, 2023

Who Are Those Singers & Musicians ~ Joselito


Joselito was born José Jiménez Fernández on February 11, 1943, in Beas de Segura, Jaén, Andalucía, Spain. Joselito made his film debut at the age of 13 and began making films. Besides acting, Joselito was a popular child singer with a very distinguished voice having sung such songs as "La Campanera", "Dónde estará mi vida", "Gorrioncillo pecho amarillo", "En un pueblito español", "Clavelitos", "Doce Cascabeles", "Las Golondrinas", "El Pastor", "Granada" and "Ave María". He toured several countries in his youth.

He was out of the public eye until adulthood, when he became a media entrepreneur. In 1990, he was arrested by Angolan authorities on charges of gun and drug trafficking. Subsequently, he was deported to Spain, where he was jailed. In 2002 La Jaula del Ruiseñor was released, an authorized biography of Joselito's life. There he wrote that jail was the best thing that had ever happened to him and that it had helped him to overcome his drug addiction as well as to give him a different outlook on life. Upon his release, he participated in the Spanish version of the Survivor television series, and collaborated on the movie “Spanish Movie”. His voice didn't resemble the one he had as a kid, so he retired and is currently living in Utiel, Valencia, Spain

JOSELITO (José Jiménez Fernández) [2/11/1943 in Beas de Segura, Jaén, Andalucía, Spain -     ] – film, TV actor, singer, married to actress Chonette Laurent (María de la Ascensión Laurent), (1966-1978) father of Isaac Jiménez Laurent [1966-    ], Eva Jiménez Laurent, married to María Felisa Gabaldón (1986-1986).

The White Horse – 1961 [sings ““El emigrante”, “Princesita”, “Lucerito”, “El pastor”, “Malagueña Salerosa” (co)]

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Spaghetti Western Trivia ~ “The Relentless 4” soundtrack


According to legend, composer Marcello Giombini destroyed the master tapes when he found religion later in life, so the score was never released.

RIP Miguel Ángel Fuentes


Mexican actor Miguel Ángel Fuentes was found dead in Mexico City on the morning of December 28th. He was 70. Fuentes was born on September 29, 1953, in Tlacotepec, Oaxaca, Mexico. He appeared in over 85 films and TV series including such notable films as “Fitzcarraldo” (1982), “Firewalker” (1986) “The Mexican (2001). Fuentes appeared in two Euro-westerns; “My Friend Winnetou (TV) in 1980 as Yaqui and “Triumphs of a Man Called Horse in 1983 as Big Bear.

Little Known Spaghetti Western Actors ~ Steven Berkoff

[These daily posts will cover little known actors or people that have appeared in more recent films and TV series. Various degrees of information that I was able to find will be given and anything that you can add would be appreciated.]

Leslise Steven Berks was born in Stepney, London, England on August 3, 1937. His parents were Alfred (who called himself Al and is sometimes listed as Abraham) who was a tailor with a shop in Leman Street, London and Pauline (who called herself Polly).  He had a sister Beryl [1930-20??].  Al changed the family name from Berkowitz to Berks.  Steven later changed it again to Berkoff. He attended Raines Foundation and Hackney Downs Grammar School then studied at City Literary Institute from 1957-1958 and the Webber Douglas Academy 1958-1959.  He then went to the Laban School of Dance in Morely College.

Berkoff was at first a struggling actor, with roles in provincial theatres and bit parts in British films. His first role in a film was in 1959's “The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw”. In Tales from an Actor's Life Berkoff says “Sharing the scene with none other than the glorious, the sexy, the cute, Jayne Mansfield" and his role was "just flopping around the set like grimy drunken cowboys". His first role on stage was in 1959 in Arthur Miller's “A View from the Bridge” as Louis, performed in the Finsbury Park Empire in London.

In 1968 Berkoff formed the London Theatre Group and started his career with adaptations of Kafka and Poe such as “Metamorphosis”, “The Trial” and “The Fall of the House of Usher”.

Berkoff currently lives in Limehouse, London in an apartment on the Thames with his partner the classical pianist, actress Clara Fischer.

BERKOFF, Steven (Leslie Steven Berkowitz) [8/3/1937, Stepney, London, England, U.K. -     ] – producer, director, author, writer, playwright, theater, film, radio, TV actor, father of Mylea [195?-    ] with?, father of Sarah [195?-    ] with ?, married to designer, painter Alison J. Minto (1970-1975), married to choreographer, actress Shelley S. Lee (1976-1999), founded the London Theatre Group [1968].

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw – 1958 (young cowboy)

A new U.S.A. book - Spaghetti Westerns! Ride Again! Paperback


Spaghetti Westerns! Ride Again! Paperback

Author: Mike Hauss


Country: U.S.A.

Publisher: Amazon

Language: English

Pages: 141

ISBN: 13979-8852076151

Available: Now


Howdy Partners, welcome to Spaghetti Westerns! Ride Again! In this first issue, I have collected, corrected, expanded, and added to content that appeared in my first two spaghetti western books: Spaghetti Westerns: Volumes One and Two. I have added new content and freshened the look up a bit to more along the lines of a series of books I edit called The Spaghetti Western Digest, which sits at four volumes with a fifth volume slated for 2024? Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this new volume, and if so, maybe Spaghetti Westerns! Ride Again! will indeed ride again for a second volume.

50th anniversary of the premier of “7 Nuns in Kansas City”


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premier of “7 Nuns in Kansas City”. Directed by Marcello Zeani and starring Lea Gargano, Vincenzo Maggio, Enzo Pulcrano. It tells the story of Two cowboys, searching for a hidden gold mine who hide out from Mexican bandits in a convent. When the bandits arrive at the convent in search of the cowboys, the nuns don’t take any crap and proceed to kick the hell out of them.


Sette monache a Kansas City – Italian title

Kansas City – Italian title

Os Dois Vaqueiros De Kansas City – Brazilian title

Nonnen., Gold un Gin – German title

Siete monjas en Kansas City – Spanish title

7 Rahibe Kansas’da – Turkish title

Nuns, Gold and Gin – English title

Trouble in Kansas City – English title

Seven Nuns in Kansas City – English title


A 1973 Italian film production [Armonica Cinematografica (Rome)]

Producers: Elido Sorrentino, Pietro Santini

Director: Roy Patterson (Marcello Zeani)

Story: Lidia Puglia, Marcello Cascape

Screenplay: Lidia Puglia, Marcello Cascape (Marcello Cascapera)

Cinematography: Mario Sbrenna [color, widescreen]

Music: Gino Peguri

Running time: 110 minutes



Jessica Mother Superior – Lea Gargano (Fiorella Galgano)

Gin – Vincenzo Maggio (Vincente Maggio)

Greg – Paul McCray (Enzo Pulcrano)

Madison - Mario Dani (Mario Danieli)

Madison henchman – Sergio Serrafini

Dave – Ugo Fangareggi

Bob – Tony de Leo (Antonio Di Leo)

Fatty/Bart – Pedro Sanchez (Ignazio Spalla)

Fatty/Bart henchmen – Sal Boris (Salvatore Baccaro), Mario Dardanelli

Big Ton – Lina Franchi

Nun - Adriana Bruno, Franca Scagnetti

Whisky Joe - Lello Pontecorvo

Jessica/Susanna Rourke – Irta D’Angel (Rita D'Angelis)

Sam/Mack Delgado – Bruno Boschetti

Steve - Pino Mattei (Giuseppe Mattei)

Madison henchmen - Sergio Serafini, Edmondo Tieghi, Sergio Ukmar

Saloon patrons - Aldo Formisano, Angelo Boscariol

With: Eduardo Tieghi, Enrico Casadei

Master of arms - Pino Mattei (Giuseppe Mattei)

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RIP David Leland


David Leland, the director behind popular 1980s hit Wish You Were Here and writer on a string of acclaimed British films including Made in Britain, Mona Lisa and Personal Services, has died aged 82 on December 25, 2023. He was born David Hugh Leland was born in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England on April 20, 1941. Leland initially trained as an actor at the Central School of Speech of Drama, before becoming part of the breakaway that led to the creation of the Drama Centre in 1963. He secured small roles in 1970s films and television. Leland then made his name as a writer with Made in Britain, a standalone drama starring Tim Roth as a skinhead. David then made his own move into directing film, with the 1987 wartime comedy drama Wish You Were Here. Branching out into the music industry, Leland made a number of videos for Harrison’s Traveling Wilburys band. He was then asked to direct the monumental Concert for George documentary, the 2003 film of the Harrison tribute concert that had taken place after the musician’s death in 2001. He is survived by his wife, Sabrina, his four daughters, his son and his six grandchildren. Leland appeared in only one Euro-western as David Gamut in the 1971 British mini-series “The Last of the Mohicans” starring Kenneth Ives.

Little Known Spaghetti Western Actors ~ Desa Berić

[These daily posts will cover little known actors or people that have appeared in more recent films and TV series. Various degrees of information that I was able to find will be given and anything that you can add would be appreciated.]

Croatian actress Desa Berić appeared in over 20 films and television series between 1949 and 1976 but other than a list of the films she participated in little else is available on the internet and no mention in any film book I have.

She was born in Split, Dalmatia Croatia on March 31, 1926 and died in Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia on May 27, 1998. She was a theater, film and TV actress.

Desa appeared in only one Euro-western and that was a Nora Daniels in 1964’s “Freddy und das Lied der Prärie” (The Sheriff was a Lady).

BERIĆ, Desa (aka D. Berić, Desa Berij) [3/3/1926, Split, Dalmatia, Croatia – 5/27/1998, Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia] – theater, film, TV actress.

The Sheriff was a Lady – 1964 (Nora Daniels)

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50th anniversary of the premier of “Shanghai Joe”


Today is the 50th anniversary of the premier of “Shanghai Joe” directed by Mario Caino and starring Chen Lee, Gordon Mitchell, Klaus Kinski and Robert Hundar. The story is a Shanghai Joe (Chen Lee) who arrives in San Francisco, in 1882. He’s a Chinese skilled in the martial arts, who goes in search of work. Self-confident, he applies for work as a cowboy, at a ranch. He immediately learns about racial discrimination and the ranch hands are determined to put the Chinaman in his place. Believing that they can easily beat the skinny Chinaman they attack him and try to beat him up, but Joe beats them using his special skills and is hired by Kay (Lorenzo Fineschi), the foreman of Spencer (Piero Lulli), a wealthy businessman in the area, to move his cattle herd to Mexico. But Joe soon discovers that instead of cattle, they are smuggling Mexican workers. Stopped by the sheriff (Andrea Aureli) and his men, the gunmen Kay quickly escapes and kills the peons. Joe rebels against this injustice and helps an injured worker escape. Spencer, by this time, considers him a traitor who must be eliminated with various gadgets and ambushes he hires, Pedro the Cannibal (Robert Hundar), Scalper Jack (Klaus Kinski) who fail in their mission to kill Joe. Mikuja (Katsutochi Mikuriya), also a Chinese and educated by the master himself, the Venerable Yang (George Wang), tackles Joe. But you cannot use Japanese martial arts to hurt another martial arts expert and Joe triumphs in the end.

The film ranks 394 and brought in 109,980 lira at the box office.


Il mio nome è Shangai Joe – Italian title

Mezzogiorno di fuoco per Han-Hao – Italian title

Meu Nome é Shangae Joe - Brazilian title

Shanghai Joe – Texas hernnaevne – Danish title

On m’appelle Shanghai Joe – French title

Shanghai Joe – French title

Der Mann mit der Kugelpeitsche – German title

Karate Jack - Ich bin euer Henker – German title

Mein Name ist Karate-Jack – German title

Knochenbrecher im wilden Westen – German title

I grothia tou Shangai Joe – Greek title

Monomahia me grothies kai karate – Greek title

T'onoma mou einai Shangai Joe – Greek title

Shanghai Joe – Greek title

荒野のドラゴン – Japanese title

Koya no Dragon – Japanese title

Mezzogiorno di fuoco per Han-Hao – Spanish title

Shangay’dan Gelen Adam – Turkish title

Benim Adim Shanghai Joe – Turkish title

The Man Strikes Back – U.K. title

My Name is Shanghai Joe – English title

To Kill or to Die – English title

The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe – English title

The Dragon Strikes Back – U.S.A. title

Shanghai Joe – U.S.A. title


A 1973 Italian film production [C.B.A. Produttori e Distributor Associati, CCC (Rome)]

Producer: Renato Amgiolini, Roberto Bessi

Director: Mario Caiano

Story: Mario Caiano, Carlo Alberto Alfieri, T.F. Karter (Fabrizio Trifone Trecca)

Screenplay: T.F. Karter (Fabrizio Trifone Trecca), Mario Caiano

Cinematography: Guglielmo Mancori [Technicolor, Techniscope]

Music: Bruno Nicolai

Running time: 100 minutes



Chin Hau/Shanghai Joe – Chen Lee (Mioshini Hayakawa)

Scalper Jack – Klaus Kinski (Nikolaus Nakaszynski)

Pedro ‘The Cannibal’ – Robert Hundar (Claudio Undari)

Mikuja/Fire Lotus Warrior– Katsutochi Mikuriya

Buryin’ Sam – Gordon Mitchell (Charles Pendleton)

Kay – Lorenzo Fineschi

Christina – Carla Romanelli

Christina’s father - Francisco Sanz

Tricky – Giacomo Rossi Stuart

Tricky henchmen – Claudio Ruffini, Franco Ulmar

Master Yang – George Wang (Wang Yie)

Slim – Rick Boyd (Federico Boido)

Samuel/Stanley Spencer – Piero Lulli (Giusva Lulli)

Sheriff Andy Corrotto – Andrea Aureli

Jesus – Tito Garcia

Blacksmith – Vaerano Ginesi (Voriano Ginesi)

Bank employee - Vincenzo De Palo

Manuel Omero/Homer – Dante Cleri

Smitty – Roberto Dell’Acqua

Conchita – Carla Mancini

Conchita’s brother – Luciano Casamonica

Craig – Alfonso de la Vega

Tom - Franco Moruzzi

Poker players – Umberto D’Orsi

Doctor – Dante Maggio

False Teeth – Osiride Pevarello

One-eyed old man – Giovanni Sabbatini

Wells Fargo clients – Aldo Cecconi, Lars Bloch

Ferguson ranch foreman - Lorenzo Fineschi

Way station heckler – Giuseppe Mattei

Slave handler – Jose Luis Chinchilla

Kid in front of hotel – Juanito Santiago

Smitty – Roberto Dell’Acqua

‘False Teeth’ – Osiride Pevarello

Ferguaon ranch hands – Sergio Testori, Pietro Torrisi, Sergio Ukmar, Sergio Ukmar,

Raniero Dorascenzi

Spencer’s guests – Enrico Marciani, Luigi Antonio Guerra

Stagecoach teller - Angelo Casadei

Stagecoach driver – Angelo Susani

With: Giorgio Bixio (Lazzaro Bisio)

50th anniversary of the premier of “Six Bounty Killers for a Massacre”


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premier of “Six Bounty Killers for a Massacre” directed by Franco Lattanzi and starring Robert Woods, Donald O’Brien, Attilio Dottesio and George Wang. The film tells the story about the Governor of Kansas who hires six gunfighters to overthrow the tyrannical rule of the self-appointed sheriff of Abilene (Antonio Calò).


Sei bounty killers peruna strage – Italian title

Zahl un stirb: Denn sie Kennen Kein Erbarmen – German title

Zahl und stirb! – German title

Seis invencíveis pistoleiros – Brazilian title

Lovci na ucene – Yugoslavian title

Pay or Die – English title

The Judgment of God – English title

Alive or Dead – English title

Six Bounty Killers for a Massacre – English title


A 1972 Italian, German film co-production [Fior Film (Rome)]

Producer: Ottavio Dolfi

Director: Franco Lattanzi

Story: Ottavio Dolfi

Screenplay: Ambrogio Molteni (Palmambrogio Molteni)

Cinematography: Giovanni Varriano [Technicolor, Techniscope]

Music: Piero Piccioni (Gianpiero Piccioni)

Running time: 83 minutes



Stephen ‘Fearmaker’ McGowan/Pistolero – Robert Wood (Robert Woods)

Frank/Jack Forrest/‘Irishman’ – Donald O’Brien (Donal O’Brien)

Cemetery – Attilio Dottesio

Ming/Messinas – George Wang (Wang Chunyang)

Kid ‘Whistler’ Fraser – Mauro Mannatrizio

Assunta/Linda McGowan – Maria Luisa Sala

Governor’s wife – Giovanna Mainardi

Pallotta/Hercules/Samson – Victor Stocchi

Rosella McGowan– Fiorella Mannoia

Rinaldo/Lord – Tony Di Mitri (Antonio Dimitri)

Kirk - Maurizio Mannoia

Old John - Attilio Tosato

John – Luciano Conti

Monk – Ivan Greeve

Miner - Nello Palladino (Aniello Palladino)

Martin/Marty – Mario Dardanelli

Sheriff of Abilene – Antonio Calo

Deputy Logan - Lorenzo Piani

Deputy Sheriff of Abilene - Sergio Silvero

Prostitute – Barbara Betti

Poker player – Benito Pacifico

Townswoman – Dolores Calvo (Dolores Calo)

Irishman henchman - Michele Branca

Chiquita – Barbara Betti

With: Alessandro Perrella, Armando Visconti, Nicola Mozzillo, Gianni Cardello

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Little Known Spaghetti Western Actors ~ Peter Bergin

[These daily posts will cover little known actors or people that have appeared in more recent films and TV series. Various degrees of information that I was able to find will be given and anything that you can add would be appreciated.]

I can find no information on Peter Bergin. He has only one film credit and that was as a townsman in the 1936 German Euro-western “Der Kaiser von Kalifornien” (The Emperor of California).

BERGIN, Peter – film actor.

The Emperor of California – 1936 (townsman)

Voices of the Spaghetti Western – “2 Sergeants of General Custer”

As we know most of the Euro-westerns were co-productions from Italy, Spain, Germany and France which incorporated British and American actors to gain a worldwide audience. The films were shot silent and then dubbed into the various languages where they were sold for distribution. That means Italian, Spanish, German, French and English voice actors were hired to dub the films. Even actors from the countries where the film was to be shown were often dubbed by voice actors for various reasons such as the actors were already busy making another film, they wanted to be paid additional salaries for dubbing their voices, the actor’s voice didn’t fit the character they were playing, accidents to the actors and in some cases even death before the film could be dubbed.

I’ll list a Euro-western and the (I) Italian, (S) Spanish, (G) German and (F) French, (E) English voices that I can find and once in a while a bio on a specific voice actor as in Europe these actors are as well-known as the actors they voiced.

Today we’ll cover “Two Sergeants of General Custer”

[(I) Italian, (S) Spanish, (G) German, (F) French, (E) English]

Franco La Pera – Franco Franchi (I) Franco Franchi, (S) Miguel Ángel Valdivieso, (G) Gerd Duwner

Ciccio La Pera – Ciccio Ingrassia (I) Ciccio Ingrassia, (S) Joaquín Díaz, (G) Gerd Martienzen

Beth Smith – Margaret Lee (I) Rita Savagnone, (S) María Luisa Solá, (G) ?

Baby O’Connor – Moira Orfei (I) Rosetta Calavetta, (S) Enriqueta Linares, (G) ?

Sergeant Fidhouse – Fernando Sancho (I) Luigi Pavese, (S) Fernando Sancho, (G) Wolfgang Hess

Colonel – Ernesto Calindri (I) Ernesto Calindri, (S) Rogelio Hernández, (G) ?

Cochise – Franco Giacobini (I) Renato Turi, (S) José Maria Santos, (G) Wolf Martienzen

Miguel Ángel Valdivieso  (1926 – 1988)

Miguel Ángel Valdivieso Montesinos was born on January 10, 1926 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. He started in the world of dubbing at a very young age, at the end of the 1930s, giving his voice to many of the great child and youth stars of the moment, such as Freddie Bartholomew, Mickey Rooney and Roddy McDowall. At this time, he met María Dolores Gispert Guart [1934-2018], who also specialized in children's roles, they later married. In 1950 he joined the team of Juan Manuel Soriano's Invisible Theatre for Radio Nacional de España in Barcelona. Valdivieso thus developed a radio career parallel to dubbing, specializing in sports broadcasts and also in comedy programs.

Valdivieso is especially remembered in Spain for his dubbing of two comedy stars, Jerry Lewis and Woody Allen, to whom he regularly lent his voice until his death from lung cancer. He is also remembered for voicing the Star Wars protocol android C3PO in the original trilogy and in the animated series “Star Wars: Droids”. Unfortunately, the last episode was not dubbed due to Valdivieso's death. Likewise, among other appearances in renowned films, he lent his voice to Donald O'Connor in “Singin' in the Rain”, John Derek in “The Ten Commandments”, Ricky Nelson in “Rio Bravo”, Curt Bois in “Casablanca” and Edward James Olmos in “Blade Runner”.

Miguel Ángel Valdivieso died in Barcelona on April 15, 1988. He was 62.

Who Are Those Guys? - Alfonso del Real


Alfonso Suárez del Real was born on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean on December 27, 1916, on the ship Alfonso XIII, when his parents were traveling to Havana, Cuba. He remained in that city until the age of thirteen, when he returned to Spain with his family and settled in Burgos. He began to work in the theatre as a meritorious in the early 1930s in the company of Antonio Vico and Carmen Carbonell, and later in that of Loreto Prado and Enrique Chicote. However, he did not make his stage debut until 1934 with the company led by Casimiro Ortas.

After the Spanish civil war, in which it is unknown where he worked or if he served, he began as a comic tenor of zarzuela, being part of Salvador Videgain's company in the early forties. At the end of that decade he began in a theatrical genre then in vogue in Spain, the revue, and participated, among other plays, in “La de los ojos en blanco” or “Que me la traigan”. In the following years, he continued to abound in the genre, which he combined with comedies (“My Fair Lady”, “Lend me a billioncito”, “Untitled Comedy”, by Federico García Lorca) or even zarzuela as a comic tenor “La Gran Vía” 

In the 1950s he tried to set up his own company, but the project failed, and Alfonso del Real was practically ruined. He then retired from show business and became the manager of the businesses of his friend, the actor Manolo Morán.

Back on the scene, he made his film debut in 1962 and soon became one of the most prominent faces in the comedy genre. His peculiar physique, his small stature, his tone of voice and his mannerisms made him the right actor to play in numerous comedies over four decades. During that time, he appeared in more than a hundred titles under the direction of filmmakers such as Fernando Fernán Gómez, Pedro Lazaga, José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, Vicente Escrivá, José María Forqué and on 23 occasions, with Mariano Ozores.

He also became a regular face on television, where he appeared in dozens of titles represented in spaces such as Estudio 1, as well as starring, together with Antonio Casal, in the series ‘Plinio’ (1971), presenting for a time the program ‘Gente joven’ (1977) and participating in the comedy ‘Sumarísimo’ (1978-1979), by Valerio Lazarov, as well as ‘Farmacia de guardia’.

He was married to the dancer and actress María Teresa for a time and they had two sons, Emilio and Alfonso. During the 1990s, when Álvarez del Manzano was the mayor of Madrid, he was called upon to embody the typical castizo, playing roles that the councilor saw in his youth, such as Don Hilarión, being the town crier of the Madrid festivals.

He died on January 16, 2002, in Palma de Mallorca, from respiratory failure. He was 85.

del REAL, Alfonso (Alfonso Suárez del Real) [12/27/1916, Cuba – 1/16/2002, Palma, Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain (respiratory failure)] – theater, film, TV actor, restauranteur, politician, married to dancer, actress María Teresa (Maruja Tomás) [1912-1977] (195?-19??) father of Emilio Del Real, Alfonso Del Real.

Fall of the Mohicans - 1965 (Hagen)

The Black Wolf – 1980 (Marques)

Revenge of the Black Wolf - 1981 (Marques)

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Little Known Spaghetti Western Actors ~ Joaquín Bergía

[These daily posts will cover little known actors or people that have appeared in more recent films and TV series. Various degrees of information that I was able to find will be given and anything that you can add would be appreciated.]


Joaquín Bergía was born in Madrid, Spain in 1970. He was a Spanish actor with a long career (1927-1969) who made more than a hundred films and television appearances, mostly in supporting roles.

Joaquín was married to actress Isabel Alemany (Isabel Alemany Fonseca) born in 1907 she died in 1988.

Bergía’s only Spaghetti western was as the barman in 1964’s “El sabor de la venganza” (Gunfight at High Noon) in1964 (barman).

BERGIA, Joaquín (aka José Bergia. Joaquín Berjia. Joaquín de Bergía) (Joaquín Bergía Torres) [1907, Madrid, Madrid, Spain - 5/9/1991, Madrid, Madrid, Spain] – film, TV actor, married to actress Isabel Alemany (Isabel Alemany Fonseca) [1907-1988] (19??-1988).

Gunfight at High Noon - 1964 (barman)

RIP Dan Greenburg


American writer and renowned humorist and writer, passed away on December 18th in The Bronx, New York at the age of 87. Born in Chicago, Illinois on June 20, 1936, his career spanned several decades. Greenburg’s career spanned various genres, from horror and the occult to murder mysteries and children’s literature, reflecting his versatile talent and boundless creativity. His series, “The Zack Files,” inspired by his son, Zack O’Malley Greenburg, brought laughter and adventure to young readers globally, showcasing his ability to engage and entertain audiences of all ages. Dan appeared in one Spaghetti western as newspaper editor John Clum in 1970’s ‘Doc’’ starring Stacy Keach and Faye Dunaway.

New French comic book release Gunmen of the West


Gunmen of the West

Country: France

Author: Tiburce Ogre

Publisher: Grand Angle

Language: French

Pages: 112


Available: November 15, 2024


The wild and brutal race of the Gunmen to conquer the West. A comic with the smell of blood and powder.

In twelve stories, Gunmen of the West depicts the authentic and mostly unknown fates of the outlaws in the North American West between 1780 and 1920. Adventurers and deserters, contract killers and easy ladies, ex-slaves and »hostile Indians« are the parts of this merciless mosaic, which could hardly be further removed from Hollywood myths.

50th anniversary for the premier of “For a Book of Dollars”


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premier of “For a Book of Dollars” directed by Renzo Girolami and starring Lincoln Tate, Jean-Claude Jabes, Gigi Bonos and Gabriella Farinon. The film tells the story of a bounty hunter name Amen (Lincoln Tate) who is hired by a group of nuns to recover stolen money. The nuns are however, female desperadoes in disguise, who want the booty pillaged by an outlaw named Catapult Jean-Claude Jabes) and his gang.


Più forte sorelle - Italian title

Per un breviario di dollari - Italian title

Más fuerte, hermanas - Argentinian title

Kansas City - French title

Des dollars plein la gueule - French title

Drei Nonnen auf dem Weg zur Hölle - German title

For a Book of Dollars - English title


A 1973 Italian film production [New Films (Rome)]

Producers: Silvio Battistini, Alan Steel

Director: Renzo Spaziani (Renzo Girolami)

Story: Franco Vietri (Francesco Vietri)

Screenplay: Franco Vietri (Francesco Vietri)

Cinematography: Mario Parapetti [color]

Music: Nando De Luca

     Song: “Catapult” sung by Eldorado Stones

Running time: 82 minutes



Amen - Lincoln Tate (James Kennelly)

Catapult - Jean-Claude Jabes (Gianclaudio Jabes)

Catapult henchman - Gill Roland (Gilberto Galimberti), Oscar Giustini, Angelo Casadei,

     Virgilio Ponti, Marcello Meconizzi, Silvano Zuddas, Omero Capanna

Sister Angela/Clementine Jackson - Gabriella Farinon

Timothy - Gigi Bonos (Luigi Bonos)

Jane – Susy Monen (Suzy Monen)

Nuns - Clara Colosimo, Franca Maresa

Dentist - Carlo Monni

Bank manager – Alfonso Sarlo

Bank teller – Luciano Zanussi

Deputy sheriff - Lorenzo Piani

Henchman - Serafino Profumo

Mammola - Sandro Scarchilli

Catapult victim – Augusto Funari, Enrico Chiappafreddo

With: Francesco D’Adda (Francesco Salvaterra)

Master or arms: Gilberto Galimberti

Monday, December 25, 2023

Christmas 2023


Little Known Spaghetti Western Actors ~ Eva Bergmanova

[These daily posts will cover little known actors or people that have appeared in more recent films and TV series. Various degrees of information that I was able to find will be given and anything that you can add would be appreciated.]

Eva Bergmanova is/was a theater, film and television actress who was active in the mid-1970s. She appeared on the 1974-1975 television series ‘Derrick’ in the role of Anni Rothe and appeared in three films in 1976 including her only Euro-western “Montana Trap” (aka Potato Fritz) starring Hardy Krüger and Stephen Boyd.

BERGMANOVA, Eva – theater, film, TV actress.

Montana Trap – 1975

Spaghetti Western Locations Then and Now – “Seven Guns for the MacGregors”


The above scene is from “Up the MacGregors!” (1967) and was filmed in Villanueva de las Torres, Gorafe, Granada Spain.

The same location as seen in a photo from 2020.

The 50th anniversary of the premier of “They Still Call Me Amen”

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premier of “They Still Call Me Amen” directed by Alfio Caltabiano and starring Luc Merenda, Alf Thunder, Tano Cimarosa and Katia Cimarosa. The story is about three bandits: a fool, a loudmouth and Chaco (Tano Cimaros), with his gang, always on the run to "purify", one villain, "Oremus" (Glauco Onorato), who is currently in search of the Reverend Smith (Alf Thunder) with the "Hallelujah” gang with four kids form a circus, thinking they are tough and smart they rob a bank. Cosi Sia (Luc Merenda), who falls for Clementine (Katia Cimarosa), the sister of the four boys, wants to rebuild the ruined circus of her deceased father. They succeed in their purpose by returning to the bank $300,000, stolen by "Oremus" and the four of his siblings of Clementine, and receive in return a cash prize of $3,000. Thus, the new circus, the brothers, the Reverend Smith and "Amen" will earn an honest living.


Oremus, Alleluia e Cosi Sia – Italian title

Mamma mia è arrivato così sia – Italian title

Væk med grabberne – Danish title

Lännen laiskin jyllää jälleen – Finnish title

On nous appellee les enfants de Trinita – French title

Oi dyo mas gia deka Trinita – Greek title

Adios rogando y con los punos dando – Spanish title

The Hallelujah Gang – English title

They Still Call Me Amen – English title


A 1972 Italian film production [Italian Laser Film (Rome)]

Producer: Fulvio Lucisano

Director: Alfio Caltabiano

Story: Alfio Caltabiano

Screenplay: Alfio Caltabiano, Adriano Bolzoni

Cinematography: Riccardo Pallottini, Antonio Climati [Eastmancolor, CinemaScope]

Music: Daniele Patucchi

Running time: 92 minutes



Amen/Cosi' Sia /Horatio – Luc Merenda

Reverend Smith/Oremus - Alf Thunder (Alfio Caltabiano)

Oremus – Glauco Onorato

Clementine – Katia Cimarosa

Chaco – Tano Cimarosa (Gaetano Cimarosa)

Rat – Falvio Colombaioni

Chaco henchman – Artemio Antonini

Sheriff - Furio Meniconi

Deputy – Andrea Scotti

Bank employee - Luigi Antonio Guerra

Saloon owner - Andrea Aureli

Saloon brawler – Giovanni Ukmar

Storekeeper - Luciana Turina

Bunkhouse leader – Fortunato Arena

Hearse driver - Mauro Mannatrizio

Chaco henchmen - Roberto Dell’Acqua, Claudio Ruffini, Ottorino Polentini, Sergio Testori

With: Lorenzo Piani, Roberto de Angelis, Raul Martinez, Jacki Gambino  

Gli Audaci Serie Speciale


The Audaci Special Series

These are comic books produced to display stickers, balloons and toys on newsstands. At least 124 books are released divided into at least five series.

Series I: These were horizontal albums with a reprint of Bill dei Marines and Susan Bill by Guido Buzzelli each issue contained 16 black & white pages with color covers. #1-#38.

Series II: contained 8 black & white pages with color covers. Two different #15s were found. #1-#20

Series III: The Bold People contained between 8 or 12 black and white pages with color covers. #1-#13

Series IV: debuts with Nel Paese dei Balocchi which presents material taken from Cineavventura’s Fables. It contained the stories It Happened One Day, in the World of Toys and Fior di pesco, written by F.T. Raom and designed by Ferb. Then follow mini albums taken from a series designed by Buzzelli Each issue contained 8 or 16 black & white pages with color covers. #1-#23

Series V: #1 replicates the title of #1 of the previous series (Nel Paese dei Balocchi. #1

Series VI: tested The Sheriff Without a Gun, Indemitable each issue contained 8 black & white pages with color covers. #1-#28

Other Gioggi publications produced to advertise games and gadgets on newsstands: Giochi Nuovi (circa 1982), Miciolino Supplement (1982), Fantasie Gioconde (1983), Carosell di Giochi (1984), Luna Park (1984), Gioia dei Piccoli (1993).


Series I

01 (00.00.82) - "Lo sbarco" (The Landing)

02 (00.00.82) - "La mascotte del reparto" (The Department Mascot)

03 (00.00.82) - "Verso l'Italia" (Towards Italy)

04 (00.00.82) - "La battaglia" (The Battle)

05 (00.00.82) - "Tra i partigiani" (Among the Partisans)

06 (00.00.82) - "Il trionfo dei Marines" (The Marines Triumph)

07 (00.00.82) - "La guerra in Oriente" (The War in the East)

08 (00.00.82) - "La pagoda millenaria" (The Thousand-Year-Old Pagoda)

09 (00.00.82) - "La fuga" (The Escape)

10 (00.00.82) - "Caposaldo n.7" (Capstone #7)

11 (00.00.82) -

12 (00.00.82) -

13 (00.00.82) - "Grande pioggia - Apaches" (Big Rain – Apaches)

14 (00.00.82) - "La caverna maledetta - Apaches" (The Cursed Cave – Apaches)

15 (00.00.82) -

16 (00.00.82) - "La fine del Rosso - Apaches"(The End of the Red – Apaches)

17 (00.00.82) - "Sulla strada per Green-Tawn - Apaches"(On the Road to Green-Tawn - Apaches

18 (00.00.82) -

19 (00.00.82) - "Il segreto del vecchio Mc Chip - Apaches"(The Secret of Old McChip – Apaches)

20 (00.00.82) - "La cattura del Rosso - Apaches"(The Capture of the Red – Apaches)

21 (00.00.82) -

22 (00.00.82) -

23 (00.00.82) - "La stella del River Saloon - Apaches"(The Star of the River Saloon – Apaches)

24 (00.00.82) - "La vittoria di Susan Byll - Apaches"(Susan Byll’s Victory – Apaches)

25 (00.00.82) -

26 (00.00.82) -

27 (00.00.82) - "Lupettino" (titolo interno: "Crociera fortunata" (Lupettino (internal title Lucky Cruise)

38 (00.00.82) -


Series II

03 (00.00.83) - "Lupettino" (Lupettino)

06 (00.00.83) - "Lupettino" (Lupettino)

19 (00.00.83) - "Fantasie gioconde" (Joyful Fantasies)

20 (00.00.83) -


Series III

02 (00.00.86) - "Caccia mortale!" (Deadly Hunt!)

05 (00.00.86) - "Scure rossa - Apaches" (Red Axe – Apaches)

07 (00.00.86) - "Il massacro - Apaches" (The Massacre – Apaches)

08 (00.00.86) - "La morte di Harry - Apaches" (The Death of Harry – Apaches)

12 (00.00.86) - "Ritorno alla fattoria - Apaches" (Back to the Farm – Apaches)

13 (00.00.86) - "Indomito" (titolo interno: "Kid Sullivan in Battaglia sul fiume") (Untamed (internal title Kid Sullivan in the Battle on the River)


Series IV [reperiti due nn. 1]

01 (00.00.87) - "Nel Paese dei Balocchi" (In Toyland)

01 (00.00.87) - "Zorro" (Zorro)

05 (00.00.87) - "Il massacro - Apaches" (The Massacre – Apaches)

08 (00.00.87) - "Zorro" (titolo interno: "Acqua di fuoco IV epis.") (Firewater IV)

09 (00.00.87) - "Zorro" (titolo interno: "Zorro La setta del serpente") (Zorro (internal title Zorro the Secret of the Serpent)

10 (00.00.87) - "Robin Hood" (titolo interno: "Il duello di Robin Hood") (Robin Hood (internal title The Duel of Robin Hood)

21 (00.00.87) - "Lo Sceriffo Senza Pistola" (The Sheriff Without a Gun)

23 (00.00.87) - "Giustiziato all'alba" [con Kid Sullivan] (Executed at Dawn – Kid Sullivan)


Series V

01 (00.00.88) - "Nel Paese dei Balocchi" (In Toyland


Series VI

21 (00.00.89) - "Lo Sceriffo Senza Pistola" (The Sheriff Without a Gun)

22 (00.00.89) - "Lo Sceriffo senza Pistola" (titolo interno: "Pascoli contesi II° episodio) (The Sheriff Without a Gun internal title Disputed Pastures II)

27 (00.00.89) - "Indomito" (titolo interno: "Kid Sullivan in Battaglia sul fiume") (Untamed internal title Kid Sullivan in Battle on the River)

28 (00.00.89) - "Indomito" (titolo interno: "Battaglia sul fiume II° episodio") (Indomito internal title Battle on the River II)