Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who Are Those Guys? - Calogero Azzaretto

Calogero Azzaretto is another in a long line of Italian supporting and character actors we know little about. Calogero appeared in his first film “Two Sons of Ringo” in 1966 and continued acting until his last credited film “Porte aperte” in 1990. Over his almost 25 year career he appeared in over 30 films. The majority of his films were adventure films especially crime films although he did appear in three Euro-westerns. Today he is retired and living in Favara, Italy.

AZZARETTO, Calogero [Italian]

The Two Sons of Ringo – 1966 (peon)
Django Kill! - 1967 (Zorro/Sorrow henchman)
Blood and Guns – 1968 (Mexican prisoner)

Monday, August 30, 2010


Django – International title
Django – kostaja – Finnish title
Django, o tromokratis tou Passo-Doble – Greek title
El mercenario – Spanish title
Nimeni on Django – Swedish title
Django – U.S.A. title

A 1965 Italian, Spanish production [B.R.C. (Rome), Tecisa Film (Madrid)]
Producer: Manolo Bolognini, Sergio Corbucci, Jose Gutierrez Maesso
Director: Sergio Corbucci
Story: Sergio Corbucci, Bruno Corbucci, Franco Rossetti
Screenplay: Sergio Corbucci, Bruno Corbucci, Franco Rossetti, José G. Maesso (José
Gutierrez Maesso), Piero Vivarelli
Dialogue: Godfrey Copleston (English version)
Cinematography: Enzo Barboni [Eastmancolor, Panavsion]
Music: Luis Enríquez Bacalov
Song: “Django” sung by Rocky Roberts/Roberto Fia
Running time: 97 minutes

Django - Franco Nero (Francesco Sparanero)
Maria - Loredana Nusciak (Loredana Cappelletti)
General Hugo Rodriguez - José Bódalo (José Zuffoli)
Nathaniel - Ángel Álvarez (Ángel Fernández)
Major Jackson - Eduardo Fajardo
Rodriguez’s gang - Rafael Albaicin (Ignacio-Rafael Escudero), José Canalejas Remo De Angelis
Brother Jonathan - Jimmy Douglas (Gino Pernice)
Miguel - Simón Arriaga
Klan members - Ivan Scratuglia (Giovanni Scratuglia), Luciano Rossi, Guillermo Méndez
Riccardo - Erik Schippers (Remo de Angelis)
Ringo - José Terron (José Penaranda)
whipping bandit - Lucio De Santis
Mexican officer - Cris Huerta (Crisanto Brieva)
Mexican prostitute - Silvana Bacci
with; Rafael Vaquero

A drifter named Django walks through the wasteland dragging a coffin, when he comes upon a woman being whipped by a group of Mexican bandits. The woman named Maria is rescued by Django who shoots and kills her tormentors. Django and Maria arrive in a semi-ghost town, where only the saloon and the brothel, owned by Nathaniel, are still open. Major Jackson, who charges protection fees from the remaining citizens, rounds his gang of KKK type henchmen up to face Django. The deadly gunman opens his coffin which contains a machine gun and kills most the bandits but not Jackson. Then a mercenary and acquaintance of Django, General Hugo Rodriguez, arrives in town, and Django proposes a bold plan to steal Jackson's gold and split it between them. When Django is betrayed, he steals the gold from Hugo with the help of Maria. They are chased by Hugo and his men, while Jackson organizes with the Mexican army to trap Hugo. When Rodriguez eventually catches up he shoots Maria and crushes Django's hands. General Hugo in turn is massacred by Jackson and the Mexican Army when the bandits return to Mexico. After killing Nathaniel Jackson finds Django in the cemetery but has the tables turned on him and his five remaining henchmen and are all killed by the resourceful gunman.

You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8Ge2hmSTbo&feature=related

                               Rare U.S.A. poster release of "Jango"

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Scarlet Worm

Spaghetti western veteran actors Brett Halsey, Dan van Husen, Michael Forest , Ted Rusoff and newcomer Ray Isenberg are part of the new film “Scarlet Worm” which was filmed in Temecula, California in June and July of this year. The film was written by David Lambert, directed by Michael Fredianelli and produced by Wild Dogs Productions. The film is now listed at IMDb and will be released in 2011. The film is about an aging gunman and a young killer who plot to murder a brothel owner in this brutal homage to Sergio Leone and Sam Peckinpah Westerns.

Spaghetti Western Locations

Continuing with “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. “I don't think you'll ever be worth more than $3,000.” With that Blonde leaves Tuco to wander back to town, “It's only 70 miles.”

This location 'El Tablezo' is off Autovia 92 on the way to Rancho Leone. Use the service road to Gergal. It is in the same farm area used in the opening scene of “For a Few Dollars More”.

For a more detailed view of this site and other Spaghetti Western locations please visit my friend Yoshi “Garringo” Yasuda’s excellent website: http://garringo.cool.ne.jp/

Saturday, August 28, 2010

FanExpo 2010 (Toronto, Canada)

Ernest Borgnine will be attending the FanExpo in Toronto which runs from August 27-29th. See link for more information: http://www.fanexpocanada.com/


Chiavari (Italy), 18 August 2010. Artematica, one of the most active and long-standing Italian gaming companies and well known for its PC and console titles, is now entering the mobile fray through SPAGHETTI WESTERN SHOOTER, a multiplatform title already available on Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod.

This title, which will soon be published on other platforms, cites and shows Artematica's take on the "spaghetti Western" cinema of the 1960s and 1970s.

SPAGHETTI WESTERN SHOOTER is an arcade-style First Person Shooter set in the COLORADO DEATH Valley, a land of hardship inhabited by dubious characters... Not just outlaws, cowboys and Indians, but also ruined gamblers, no-gooders looking for trouble, dames of dubious repute and gun-toting zombies.

Riccardo Cangini, Artematica's founder, says: “We now have the experience and technological know-how to enter the mobile and social networking markets with ambitious and prestigious projects, of which the SPAGHETTI WESTERN SHOOTER brand is just the first”.

Artematica Entertainment, the Italian independent software house, is internationally renowned for its graphics-rich adventure games, often linked to graphic novels. Among its best known successes: MARTIN MYSTERE (winner of the Il Grillo prize), DIABOLIK THE ORIGINAL SIN (winner of the Playmont prize) and the forthcoming JULIA – INNOCENT EYES.


El desperado – Italian title
Django – ulven fra Texas – Danish title
El desperado – French title
Massacre et le sang – French title
La boue…le massacre…et la mort – French title
Hallelujah Escondido – German title
Die in Staub verrecken – German title
Texas desperados – Greek title
Escondido – Spanish title
The Big Rip-Off – English title
King of the West – English title
The Dirty Outlaws – U.S.A. title

A 1967 Italian production [Daiano Film, Leone Film (Rome)]
Producers: Ugo Guerra, Franco Rossetti
Director: Franco Rossetti, Elio Scardamaglia
Story: Ugo Guerra, Franco Rossetti, Elio Scardamaglia
Screenplay: Ugo Guerra, Franco Rossetti, Vincenzo Cerami
Cinematography: Angelo Filippini [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Gianni Ferrio
Song: “The Desperado” sung by John Balfour
Running time: 103 minutes

Steve/”El Desperado” Blassco - Chip Corman (Andrea Giordana)
Katy/Cathy - Rosemary Dexter (Rosemarie Dexter)
Lucy - Dana Ghia (Felicita Ghia)
Asher - Franco Giornelli
Sam Flannigan - Piero Lulli (Giusva Lulli)
Bill Flannigan - Antonio Cantafora
Jonathan/Gionata - Aldo Berti
Wallace - John Bartha (János Barta)
Rico - Giovanni Petrucci
Bill - Antonio Cantafora
Togo - Andrea Scotti
Jim - Dino Strano
One-armed Confederate soldier - Giuseppe Castellano
soldier - Elio Angelluci
piano player - Osiride Pevarello
with; Pino Polidori (Giuseppe Polidori), Giorgio Gruden, Sandro Serafini (Claudio Serafini), Claudio Trionfi, G. Luigi Crescenzi (Gian Luigi Crescenzi), Giuseppe Palidori, Enzo Siniscalchi

Steve 'El Desperado' Blasco is asked by a dying Confederate soldier, Bill Flannigan to visit his blind father Sam, and tell him of his fate. Sam Flannigan is the only resident of a town called Overton. Blasco is given a pistol old Sam made by hand which will verify Steve's intentions. Steve has other ideas and dresses in the soldier's clothes and decides to steal the money the soldier has been sending to Sam in order for them to buy a ranch after the war is over. Blasco convinces Flannigan that he is his son and gains the old man and his caretaker's Katys confidence. Everything goes well until a gang of outlaws ride into town. They are there to rob a Confederate payroll wagon and among the gang is Steve's ex-girlfriend. Steve has developed an affection for Sam and Katy and does everything in his power to defend them.

You Tube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAVII0iE0iY

Friday, August 27, 2010

Guess Who I Am

I am an American who made my film career in Spain where I still live. Guess who I am.

Bill Connolly correctly guessed this weeks face as Jack Taylor.

Remembering Darry Cowl

Born André Pierre Darricau on August 27, 1925 in Vittel, France. He came to the attention of theater goers when he was cast in the 1956 play ''Assassins et voleurs''. He became a celebrity as Darry Cowl with his rôle in as Antoine Péralou in the 1957 film ''Le Triporteur''. He often appeared in cameo roles because he refused to read scripts before appearing in films and sometimes didn't even know the name of the film he was appearing in. He appeared in three Euro-westerns during his career: ''The Magnificent Brutes of the West'', (1964), ''Don't Touch the White Woman'' (1973) and ''The Daltons'' (2004). Cowl won a César Award as Best Actor in 2004 for his final film appearance in ''Pas sur la bouche''. Also a noted musician (piano), Cowl hoped to return to the theater in a 2005 presentation of ''Hold Up'' but ill-health prevented it. He died from lung cancer on February 14, 2006 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. Cowl had been married to actress Rolande Kalis [193?- ] since 1965. We remember Darry Cowl today on what would have been his 85th birthday.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New DVD Release!

Hannie Caulder
Director: Burt Kennedy
Starring: Raquel Welch, Robert Culp, Ernest Borgnine, Jack Elam, Strother Martin
Label: Olive Films
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1, 16:9, NTSC, widescreen
Region 1
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Running time: 85 minutes
Extras: none
Catalog #B0003J216KO
Available: July 27, 2010

Dirty Gold

Oro vil – Spanish title
Dirty Gold – English title

A 1941 Spanish production [C.E.A. (Madrid)]
Producer: Eduardo G. Maroto (Eduardo García Maroto)
Director: Eduardo G. Maroto (Eduardo García Maroto)
Story: Antonio Martín
Screenplay: Eduardo García Maroto
Cinematography: Andrés Pérez Cubero [black & white]
Music: Daniel Montorio (Daniel Fajo)
Running time: 72 minutes

Story: Western parody.

Pablo Álvarez Rubio, Florencia Bécquer (Erna Bécquer), Rufino Inglés (Rufino Garcia), Ricardo Merino (Ricardo Galvez), Conrado San Martin (Conrado Prieto), Mary Santamaría (Maria Santamaría), Manuel de Hita, Pilar Delgado, Erasmo Pascual (Erasmo Colmenero), Emilio Santiago

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy 75th Birthday Lando Buzzanca

Gerlando Buzzanca was born on August 24, 1935 in Palermo, Italy. He is the nephew of actor Gino Buzzanca [1912-1985]. After his studies in Palermo he moved to Rome to persue an acting career. He landed a small role as one of the slaves in “Ben-Hur” (1959) before a major role in “Divorzio all'Italiana” (1961) followed by “Seduced and Abandoned” (1964). He became typecast as a not so smart Sicilian in a number of B films. He began to appear in a number of films opposite some of the most beautiful actresses of the day such as Laura Antonelli, Joan Collins, Claudia Cardinale, Catherine Spaak, Senta Berger and Barbara Bouchet. He found his calling in comedy films which were common Italian fair in the 1970s. He also worked in radio and on stage during this period of his career. He was more popular abroad in France, Spain, Japan, Greece and Isreal than in Italy. During the 21st century he has been active in several television series.
Lando appeared in three Euro-westerns: “For a Few Dollars Less”, “Rebels on the Loose” both in 1966 and “The Beast” 1970. Today we celebrate Lando Buzzanca's 75th birthday.

Happy 80th Birthday Sean Connery

Sir Thomas Sean Connery was born in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland on August 25, 1930. Sean was a milkman before joining the Royal Navy where he was discharged on medical grounds and then worked at such jobs as a lorry driver, laborer, model and coffin polisher. To earn some extra money he took a job working back stage at King's Theater in 1951.He became interested in acting and bodybuilding and entered 1953's Mr. Universe contest. He then landed a small part in “South Pacific”. Playing in a pick-up soccer game during the tour of South Pacific he was offered a position with Manchester United but turned it down to pursue his acting career. He gained attention in “Another Time, Another Place” (1958) and “Darby O'Gill and the Little People” (1959). His biggest break came in being cast as James Bond in seven of the secret agent films. Other major film roles followed such as “Marnie” (1964), “Murder on the Orient Express: (1974), “The Wind and the Lion” (1975) and “A Bridge Too Far” (1977). He then began to take older supporting roles in such films as “Highlander” (1986) and “The Untouchables” (1987), “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” (1989). He received The American Film Institute's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006. Connery appeared in only one Euro-western “Shalako” in 1968. Sean was married to actress Diane Cilento [1933- ] from 1962-1973 and they had a son Jason Connery [1963- ] who is an actor. Connery has been married to French painter Micheline Roquebrune since 1975. Today we celebrate Sean Connery's 80th birthday.

Remembering Giacomo Rossi Stuart

Giacomo Rossi Stuart was born on August 25, 1925 in Tordi, Italy. As a young man he was quite an athlete taking up boxing, horse back riding and fencing, In the early '50s he left Italy and trained at the Actor's Studio in New York City. Returning to Italy he appeared in his first film “Il mantello rosso” (1955). He would go on to appear in over 100 film and television series using the aliases Jack Stewart, G.R. Stuart and Jack Stuart. Rossi Stuart specialized in adventure and action films among which were 13 westerns including “Gunfight at Red Sands” and “Massacre at the Grand Canyon” both 1963, “Deguello” (1966), “The 5-Man Army!” (1969) , “The Ballad of Ben and Charlie” (1971) and “Zorro” 1974 with Alain Delon. His dashing good looks and his ability to speak English made him a regular in the crime films that followed the western genre. Giacomo is the father of Kim Rossi Stuart. Giacomo died on October 20, 1994 in Rome. Today we celebrate what would have been his 85th birthday.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Sei già cadavere amigo…ti cerca Garringo – Italian title
Abre tu fosa, amigo, llega Sábata revient – Spanish title
Sabata tegen Gringo – Dutch title
Kaiva hautasi, amigo – Sabata tulee – Finnish title
Creuse te tomba, garringo, Sábata revient – French title
Sur la tombe de Sabata – French title
Zwei Halleluja für den Teufel – German title
Skapse ton tafo sou…erhetai o Sabata – Greek title
Sabata, chega e mata - Portuguese title
Gräv dig grav-Sabata kommer! – Swedish title
Gringo vs Sabata – English title
Dig Your Grave Friend… Sartana’s Coming – English title
Dig Your Grave Friend… Sabata’s Coming – English title

A 1971 Italian, Spanish co-production [Devon Film (Rome), IFISA Film (Madrid)]
Producer: Luciano Martino, Ignacio F. Iquino (Ignacio Feres Iquino)
Director: John Wood (Juan Palau)
Story: Jackie Kelly (Juliana de la Fuente), Steve McCoy (Ignacio Iquino), Luciano Martino
Screenplay: Ignacio F. Iquino (Ignacio Feres Iquino), Sauro Scavolini
Cinematography: Luciano Trasatti, Floriano Trenker [Eastmancolor, Panavision]
Music: Henry Soteh (Enrique Escobar)
Running time: 90 minutes

Steve McGowan - Richard Harrison
León Pompera - Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
James Miller - Alejandro Ulloa
George McGowan - Gustavo Re
Sábata - Raf Baldassarre (Raffaele Baldassarre)
Sheriff of Tombstone - Luis Induni (Luigi Radici)
Helen Kendall - Joan Rubin (Tania Alvarado)
Todd - Indio González (Gaspar González)
Murdy - Joaquín Blanco
Miguel - Fernando Robio (Fernando Rubio)
Morgan - Ricardo Moyán
stagecoach driver - Jarque Zurbano (Francisco Zurbano)
stagecoach passenger - Carlos Ronda
store owner - Luis Oar
Mexican driver - Manuel Bronchud
Mexican peasant - Juan Velilla
tailor - Juan Torres
telegrapher - Juan Fernández
stagecoach driver - Francsico Jarque
innkeeper - Irene D’Astrea
with; Tomás Torres, Leontine May (Leontina Mariotta), Brizio Montinaro

Miller, a rich mine owner aims to increase his holdings by forcing the neighboring farmers to sell him their lands at low prices. He's already murdered McGowan who tried to refuse his offer. Miller is now in the gunsights of McGowan's son Steve who has returned from the Civil War with the bandit Leon Pompero. After Steve disposes of Miller's henchmen, Miller hires the famous gunfighter Sabata with the assignment to hunt down the two. After a series of encounters the two rogues capture Helen, Miller's intended fiance. Helen falls in love with Steve and decides to help them out. Steve and Leon are captured but with Helen's help they escape dispose of Sabata and Miller in a final showdown.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Remembering River Phoenix

River Jude Bottom was born on August 23, 1970 in Madias, Oregon. His parents named him River Phoenix after the river of life from the novel 'Siddhartha' and Jude from the Beatles song 'Hey Jude'. River's mother was working for as a casting agent for NBC and was able to secure a top agent for her five children, River, Joaquin, Rain, Liberty and Summer Phoenix. In 1980 River started to pursue his acting career on a full time basis with appearances on TV before being cast in the short lived TV series “7 Brides for 7 Brothers”. This was followed by several TV movies before his first film appearance in Joe Dante's “Explorers” in 1984. His most remembered role in “Stand by Me” came next in 1986. In 1989 he received an Academy Award Best Actor nomination for his role in “Running on Empty”. He then won the Best Actor award at The Venice Film Festival for his performance in “My Private Idaho”. He appeared in only one Euro-western “Silent Tongue” as the insane Talbot Roe before his death on October 31, 1993 in Hollywood, California from a drug overdose. Today we remember the life cut short of River Phoenix on what would have been his 40th birthday.

Happy Birthday Rita Pavone

Rita Pavone was born on August 23, 1945 in Turin, Italy. A rock singer in the 1960s she competed and one the first Festival degli Sconosciuti (Festival of the Unknown) a festival for amateur artists in 1962. Her debut album in 1963 made her a national and international star at the age of 17. Her single “Cuore” (Heart) sold a million copies and spent nine weeks at number one in Italy. In 1964 she charted in the U.S. with “Remember Me”. In 1965 she was appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and returned several times until 1970. She was a teen idol in Spain. She recorded with such stars as Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Tom Jones and Paul Anka. She also appeared at Carnegie Hall during the era. Pavone also became an actress appearing in six films during the '60s targeted to the teen audience including her only Euro-western “Little Rita of the West” (1967) with Terence Hill. In 1968 she married he manager Tony Reno in Switzerland. Pavone appeared in films again in the 1980s and and international concerts. In 2002 she began a stage career. She has two sons: Alessandro a radio show host and Giorgio a singer following in his mothers footsteps. Rita ran for the Italian Senate in 2006. Today we celebrate Rita Pavone's 65th birthday.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Per un dollaro a Tucson si muore – Italian title
A Tucson si muore – Italian title
On meurt a Tucson - French title
Blutige Rache in Tucson – German title
Die for a Dollar in Tucson – English title

A 1964 Italian, Yugoslavian, French production [Nuovo Mondo Cinematografica (Milan), Triglav (Zagreb), Cineurop (Paris)]
Producer: Cesare Canevari
Director: D. Brownson (Cesare Canevari)
Story: D. Brownson (Cesare Canevari)
Screenplay: D. Brownson (Cesare Canevari)
Cinematography: C. Richardson (Adriano Bernacchi) [Telecolor]
Music: H. Tical (Armando Sciascia)
Songs: “Per un dollaro a Tucson si muore”, “Quando Jane spara” sung by Vinicio Gori
Running time: 94 minutes

Dan - Ronny De Marc
Melody - Gisèle Sandré
Charlie - Benny Reeves (Benito Stefanelli)
Patricia - Mary Grace Manes (Maria Grazia Marescalchi)
Joe - Joco Turc (Danilo Turk)
with; Georges Lycan, P. Buntic (Petar Buntic), A. Chiarollo, M. Cobol, E. Ghez, C. Iravenac (Cesare Canevari), R. Sarsi, M. Sitar, E. Ramon

An outlaw gang led by Bill Lexter takes over the town of Tucson, Arizona in order to steal a gold shipment that will soon be arriving. After learning of the outlaws plans a posse is joined by the citizens of Tucson and with the help of a catfight between two saloon girls, which helps distract the gang's attention, a gun battle erupts just before the arrival of the gold shipment. Lexter's outlaw gang are defeated and the gold shipment arrives intact.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

RIP Tiberio Murgia

Sardinian actor Tiberio Murgia died on Friday August 20 in a nursing home in Tolfa, Italy. He had been ill for the last several months and passed away yesterday from Alzheimer's. Murgia was born on February 5, 1929 in Oristano, Sardinia, Italy into a poor family. For twenty years he peddled the Italian Communist newspaper 'Unity' and became the secretary of the Young Communist League. He then went to Marcinelle, Belgium and worked in a coal mine that had hired thousands of Italians. After an explosion in the mine he returned to Italy and worked in Rome as a dishwasher in a restaurant called 'The King of Friends' where he was discovered by assistant director Mario Monicelli. Tiberio auditioned for a part and was given a role as a Sicilian in an Italian comedy “I soli ignoti” (1958). Murgia remained faithful to this stereotypical character in most of his films, TV and commercials for the next 40 years. Tiberio appeared in three Euro-westerns: “The Terror of Oklahoma” (1959), “Rick and John Conquerors of the West” (1967) and “Judge Roy Bean” (1971).

New DVD Release!

Les 4 de l'ave maria (Ace High)
Director: Guiseppe Colizzi
Starring: Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Eli Wallach
Label: Paramount Home Video
Aspect ratio: 2.35 16/9 PAL
Region: 2
Language: French, English Dolby 2.0
Subtitles: optional French and English
Running time: 117 minutes
Extras: Scene Selection
Catalog #B003L8MG14
Available: August 17, 2010

Spaghetti Western Locations

In “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” when Tuco and The Man With No Name escape into the desert to split their $3,000 reward after the second hanging, they ride off into the desert area surrounding Mini Hollywood. This area today is at the rear of the movie town where the zoo is located. Those mountain foothills hold the location of the “Duck You Sucker” bridge and machine gun nests, and remains of the coach, “Valdez is Coming” forest and several other SW locations.

For a more detailed view of this site and other Spaghetti Western locations please visit my friend Yoshi “Garringo” Yasuda’s excellent website: http://garringo.cool.ne.jp/

Friday, August 20, 2010

Guess Who I Am

I was born in Bologna, Italy in 1937 and appeared in nearly 25 Euro-westerns. Guess who I am.

Never a lead actor I played supporting and character roles and appeared in such films as “Django Shoots First”, “Navajo Joe” and “Any Gun Can Play”. Guess who I am.

I sometimes used the alias Edwin Moore. Guess who I am.

Biltmore guessed correctly this week's face is Valentino Macchi.

RIP Rina Franchetti

Italian actress Rina Franchetti died at her home in Formello, Italy on August 18. She was 102. Born Ester Girgenti on December 23, 1907 in Naples, Italy. She was one of the most respected actresses of the Italian stage. Rina's first film was “Due cuori felici” in 1932. Her last film was 1990's “Basta! Adesso tocca a noi”. Between then she appeared on stage, radio, and TV signing a contract with RAI, and later when her career was in decline she did voice dubbing and narration for radio dramas. Her daughter actress Sara Franchetti was born in 1946. Rina appeared in two Euro-films during the 1960's “The Brute and the Beast” (1966) playing the mother of Franco Nero and George Hilton's characters. “Two Pistols for a Coward” (1968). She was affectionately known as 'The Grandma of Italian Film'.

Paris Old West Show and Sale

Les diables rouges

Les diables rouges – French title

A 1913 French production [Eclipse (Paris)]
Director: Joë Hamman (Jean Hamman)
Cinematography: [black & white]
Running time:

Story: Part of “The Adventures of Arizona Bill” film series.

Arizona Bill - Joë Hamman (Jean Hamman)

An episode in “The Adventures of Arizona Bill” film series.

New DVD Release!

Sartana (Blood at Sundown)
Director: Alberto Cardone
Starring: Anthony Steffen, Johnny Garko, Erika Blanc, Sieghardt Rupp, Chris Howland
Label: MCP Sound & Media
Country: Germany
Aspect ratio: 16x9 (4:3), PAL
Region: 0
Language: German Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitles: none
Running time: 94 minutes
Extras: Chapter selection
Catalog #B003WM7XJO
Available: August 6, 2010

Happy 65th Birthday Jürgen Heinrich

Jürgen Heinrich was born on August 20, 1945 in Großgodems, Mecklenburg, Germany. His father disappeared after World War II so he raised by his mother. He studied to be a ship builder but turned to an acting career in graduated from the Dcting School in Leipzig 1965. In 1968 he was cast in the Egon Günther film “Farewell”. Since that time he has appeared in over 65 East German films and TV appearances. He became politcially active in 1982 for the rights of workers and peasants. In 1985 he repatriated in West Berlin and was a member of the Schiller Theater acting ensamble. Heinrich appeared in one Euro-western “The Scout” (1983) with Gojko Mitic. became quite well know in the 1990s as the Inspector in the TV series “Wolff's Revier”. Jürgen was awarded the Adlof Grimme Prize for his portrayal in the series. When the series ended in 2006 Jürgen became a voice dubber and dubbed Fred Dryer's voice in the TV series “Hunter”. Jürgen is the father of actress Katja Heinrich [1975- ]. Today we celebrate Jürgen Heinrich's 65th birthday.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New DVD Release!

“Die Letzten Zwei com Rio Bravo” (aka “Bullets Don't Argue”)
Starring: Rod Cameron, Horst Frank, Vivi Bach, Angel Aranda
Label: KOCH Media
Country: Germany
Aspect ratio: 16:9 - 1.77:1
Format PAL
Region: 2
Language: German, Italian, English Dolby Digital 2.0
Running time: 90 minutes
Extras: Featurettes: “Pistolen diskutieren nicht”, “”Lonesome Bruschini”
trailer, liner notes, photo gallery
Catalog #B003JP98LA
Available: July 30, 2010

Remembering Siegfried Seibt

Siegfried Seibt was born on August 19, 1920 in Görlitz, Germany. Before World War II he worked as a stage designer and painter in Bautzen and Reichenberg. After the war he became and actor in several German theater groups. In 1956 he moved to Berlin and joined the Volksbühne Berlin and at the Berliner Ensemble from 1961 – 1969. Seibt' impish looking face made him perfect for comedy, children and family films with DEFA, among them his only Euro-western Dean Reed's 1981 “Sing, Cowboy, Sing” as the sheriff. He also was active as a German voice dubber especially for British actor Charles Hawtrey. Siegfried never married and died of lung cancer on January 6, 1982 in Pankow, East Berlin Germany. Today we celebrate what would have been Siegfried Seibt's 90th birthday.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


La marca de Cain – Spanish title
Non uccidevano mai la Domenica – Italian title
La haine des desperados – French title
Les desperados – French title
Die Todesreiter – German title
The Desperados! – U.S.A. title

A 1969 U.S.A., Spanish co-production [Meadway Production, Columbia Pictures (Hollywood)]
Producer: Irving Allen
Director: Henry Levin
Story: Clarke Reynolds
Screenplay: Walter Brough
Cinematography: Sam Leavitt (Samuel Leavitt) [Technicolor]
Music: David Whitaker
Running time: 91 minutes

David Galt - Vince Edwards (Vincent Zoino)
Parson Josiah Galt - Jack Palance (Volodymyr Palahnyuk, Jr.)
Jacob Galt - George Maharis (George Maharias)
Marshal Kilpatrick - Neville Brand
Laura Galt - Sylvia Sims
Adam Galt - Christian Roberts
Haller - Patrick Holt (Patrick Parsons)
Adah - Kate O’Mara
Carlin - Kenneth Cope
Sheriff Lacey - John Paul
Todd - John Clarke
Emily Galt -Sheila Burrell
Pauly Galt - Benjamin Edney
Gregg - Christopher Malcolm
Deputy Tate - David Thompson
Jennison - Elliott Sullivan

Parson Josiah Galt and two of his sons, David and Jacob team up with a band of guerillas who go on a murderous rampage. David decides not to be a part of this and starts a new life with a wife and son. His life is prosperous and things are working out well for him and his family. Parson Galt, Jacob and the guerillas come after David, killing his wife and kidnapping his son. David must track them down and kill them in order to save his own child from harm. With the help of his friend, the local sheriff, he tracks the band down and must face his father in a final duel to save the life of his son.

[Jeffrey Hunter had signed to co-star in this film was died from a fall before filming began.]

Happy 80th Birthday José Solá

José Sánchez Solá was born in Mollet del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain on August 18, 1930. He was a student of Suñé Joan Sintes who taught him the basics of harmony, after he had acquired a musical base at the Municipal Conservatory of Music in Barcelona, at a young age Solá left his fledgling musical training, preferring to make popular music. At a little more than twenty years of age he had his own orchestra, specializing in light music and jazz, with regular appearances at Pasapoga in Madrid and Barcelona's Farmhouse. While playing in Barcelona he received what would be his first film assignment:”Un vaso de whisky” (1958), in which he also appears as the orchestra conductor. The score was a genuine emergence of jazz as dramatic music on the Spanish soundtrack.

From that moment on, Solà's career as a musician was now Solá the film composer. However, with the balance of Spanish film production became increasingly inclined to Madrid, so that José had to face the handicap posed on him by mandatory visits to the nation's capital. Finally, his work as musical director (in Barcelona) Columbia House, and the composition of commercial jingles became more present in his work and Solà left the composition of the cinema in 1986. As John Sol he composed music for one Euro-western 1965's “Finger on the Trigger” with Rory Calhoun. Today we celebrate José Sánchez Solá's 80th birthday.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who Are Those Guys? - Chris Avram

Cristea Avram was born on August 28, 1931 in Bucharest, Romania. In 1958 he graduated from the "Theater and Cinematographic Art Institute" in Bucharest. He went on to appear in several Romanian films during the early 1960s. When the French film “Tunelul” (1967) by Florin Piersic was made in Romania they used several Romanians for supporting actors in the film. Actress Marina Vlady was impressed by Avram and convinced the Romanian authorities to allow him to return to France with her for a visit. Cristea never returned to Romania but became a supporting actor as Chris Avram in French and Italian films appearing in over 40 films during his career. Among them were supporting roles in three Euro-westerns. Cristea Avram died on January 1, 1989 in Rome, Italy at the age of 58 of lung cancer.

AVRAM, Chris (aka Auran Cristea) (Cristea Avram) [8/28/1931, Bucharest, Romania – 1/10/1989, Rome, Lazio, Italy (lung cancer)] – stage, TV actor.

A Man Called Django! – 1971 (Captain Gomez)
Thunder Over El Paso – 1971 (Jeff/Sam ‘Minnesota’ Lorregan)
California – 1977 (Nelson)

Monday, August 16, 2010


Winnetou III – German title
Vinetu III deo – Yugoslavian title
Oprostaj velikog poglavice – Yugoslavian title
Vinnetou posledni vystrel – Yugoslavian title
Vinnetou – posledni vystrel – Czechoslovakian title
Winnetou i doudens favntog – Danish title
Witte Buffel valt aan – Dutch title
Winnetou tegen Witte Buffel – Dutch title
Viimeiset lainsuojattomat – Finnish title
Winnetou III – French title
Desperado Trail – Italian title
Winnetou III Seria – Polish title
Winnetou III - Ostatnia walka – Polish title
Rasto de violencia – Portuguese title
Winnetou 3 – Romanian title
Vinnetou-poslední výstřel – Russian title
La senda de la traicion – Spanish title
Desperados i vastern – Swedish title
Daglarin Kahramani – Turkish title
The Desperado Trail – U.S.A. title

A 1965 West German, Yugoslavian co-production [Rialto-Film, Preben Philipsen (West Berlin), Jadran-Film (Zagreb)]
Producer: Horst Wendlandt, Preben Philipsen, Zvonko Kovacic
Director: Harald Reinl
Story: “Winnetou – the Red Gentleman” by Karl Friedrich May
Screenplay: Harald G. Peterson, J. Joachim Bartsch (Jochen Joachim Bartsch)
Cinematography: Ernst W. Kalinke (Ernst Wilhelm Kalinke) [Eastmancolor, CinemaScope]
Music: Martin Bottcher
Running time: 94 minutes

Old Shatterhand - Lex Barker (Alexander Barker, Jr.)
Winnetou - Pierre Brice (Pierre de Bris)
Rollins - Rik Battaglia (Caterino Bertaglia)
Sam Hawkens - Raf Wolter
Governor of New Mexico - Carl Lange
Ann - Sophie Hardy
White Buffalo - Dusan Antonijevic
Vermeulen - Veljko Maricic
Kid - Aleksander Gavric
Clark - Ilija Ivezcic
Gomez - Mihail Baloh
Panther - Slobodan Dimitrijevic
Red Arrow - Simo Jagarinac
Jicarilla - Gojko Mitic
Indian, bandit - Miro Buhin (Miroslav Buhin)
young man - Ivan Novak (Ivana Gibilisco)
Lieutenant O’Hara - Milan Micic
Brown - Dragomir Felba
Scotter - Dusan Vujisic
bandit - Ivo Kristof (Ivan Kristof)
Lekar -Josip Zapalorto
with; Renato Baldini, Giancarlo Bastianoni, Karin Dor (Katherose Derr), Peter Dubric (Petar Dobric), Rickard Brzeska

After the Civil War, a gang of desperadoes led by a renegade named Rollins, are following settlers moving westward, trying to drive a wedge between the friendship of the whites and the Indians. Apache chief Winnetou and his blood brother, Old Shatterhand, do what they can to keep the peace. Rollins' henchmen try to keep Winnetou away from the warring Jicarillo chief, White Buffalo, but he fights his way through, only to be confronted by Rollins who has kidnapped the chief's son. Rollins stabs White Buffalo's son in the back with Winnetou's knife. When Winnetou is accused of the killing, it is up to Old Shatterhand to save his friend and expose Rollins as the murderer and the man behind the uprising.

You Tube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB5ZamfGg6o

Remembering Robert Culp

Robert Martin Culp was born on August 16, 1930 in Oakland, California. His father was a lawyer and his mother worked for a chemical company. During his teen years he was a cartoonist and he offset his loneliness by working in local playhouses. After High School Culp received an athletic scholarship for track and field and attended several colleges but never earned his degree. Married five times, among them Eurasian actress France Nuyen [1939- ] whom he met on his TV series “I Spy” with Bill Cosby. Culp had five children, three boys and two girls. He worked in off-Broadway plays in the early 1950s before first coming to the attention of TV audiences when he starred in the TV series “Trackdown”. After this series he continued working in TV on several series including “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” Then came his most memorable series “I Spy” from 1965-1968. Later he co-starred in “The Greatest American Hero”. He first appeared in film in 1963's “PT109” as Jack Kennedy's crew mate. Probably his most famous film role was in 1969's “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”. During the 1950s he appeared in almost every western series on television. In his career he gave 100s of performances but only one Euro-western in 1971's “Hannie Caulder” as bounty hunter Thomas Luther Price. His final film appearance “The Assignment” is still in post production scheduled for release in 2011. Culp died of an apparent heart attack outside his home on March 24, 2010. Today we remember Robert Culp on what would have been his 80th birthday.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Spaghetti Western Locations

In the “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, Tuco and The Man With No Name join as partners in crime when they cook up a scheme where the wanted bandit is turned in for the reward on his head. When Tuco is sentenced to hang the first time his hanging takes place at Elios Studios outside of Rome. The second time the trick is pulled it takes place at Mini Hollywood near Almeria Spain. The bank of El Paso used in “For a Few Dollars More' was camouflaged by set designer Carlo Simi and today the spot where the hanging tree was located is covered with a building marked Fire Department.

For a more detailed view of this site and other Spaghetti Western locations please visit my friend Yoshi “Garringo” Yasuda’s excellent website: http://garringo.cool.ne.jp/

Happy 70th Birthday Maria Grazia Buccella

Maria Grazia Buccella was born on August 15, 1940 in Milan, Italy. The former glamor girl and model was a finalist in the 1959 Miss Universe beauty contest. Maria had been seen onscreen since an uncredited role in 1951 “The Cape of Hope” at the age of 11. After her near win in the Miss Universe pageant she was offered roles in larger pictures and tested for the role of Domino Derval in the 1965 James Bond movie “Thunderball” which eventually went to Claudine Auger. In 1968 she won The Silver Ribbon Award for best supporting actress in “Ti ho sposato per allegria”. In 1977 she appeared on the cover of 'Playboy' magazine before retiring from the screen in 1979 after 45+ films. She reappeared in two small roles in the 1980s before her final appearance in “Hotel Otello” in 2000. Among her films were two Euro-westerns “Villa Rides!” in 1968 and the pseudo western “Trinity Sees Red” in 1970. Today we celebrate the 70th birthday of Maria Grazia Buccella.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Desperado

Le desperado – French title
The Desperado – English title

A 1907 French production [Lux Co, (Paris)]
Producer: ?
Director: Jean Durand
Screenplay: Joë Hamman (Jean Hamman)
Cinematography: Octave Fiere [black & white]
Running time: 15 minutes

Story: ?

Joë Hamman (Jean Hamman)

Joë Hamman's first starring film short.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Guess Who I Am

I appeared in only two Euro-westerns both story based on the Alaska Gold Rush. Guess who I am.

Congratulations, Eric Mache correctly guessed this week's actress as Virna Lisi.