Tuesday, December 6, 2022

RIP Mihail ‘Miha’ Baloh


Slovenian actor Mihail Baloh died on December 6, 2022. He was 94. Born in Jesenice, Slovenia, Yugoslavia on June 21, 1928 Miha started participating in local theatre productions after the World War II and eventually enrolled in the AGRFT in Ljubljana, from where he graduated in 1952. In 1953, he began collaboration with the Permanent Slovene Theatre in Trieste. There he worked with the director Jože Babič who also offered him his first major film role. From 1967, he also worked on international productions on projects such as the Austrian TV comedy series ‘Leni’, in several German Winnetou films and a French-German series on Omer Pasha.He continued to work in the theatre throughout his career. Miha was married to actress Štefka Drolc in the 1940s and they had a child Rena in 1942. Baloh was awarded the Bert Award for Lifetime Achievement [2014]. Miha appeared in six Euro-westerns: “Frontier Hellcat” 1964 (‘Reverend’ Weller); “The Desperado Trail” 1965 (Gomez); “The Halfbreed” 1966 (judge); “Thunder at the Border” 1966 (Captain Luis Sanchez Quilvera); “The Hellhounds of Alaska” 1972 (Buffins) and ‘The Jack London Story’ (TV) – 1973.

Spaghetti Western Location – A large estate seen in several Spaghetti westerns

 Finally one of the missing locations in Madrid has been located. This is an estate where scenes of "7 Guns for the MacGregors", "Sugar Colt" and "Zorro Rides Again" were filmed (where he represented the people of Campurritos). The estate is located in the vicinity of Aranjuez, abandoned and in ruins. The buildings have changed quite a bit, but you can still tell the site from the landscape.

English Voices of the Spaghetti Westerns – John Gayford


John Gayford Harry was born in Hertfordshire, England on February 20, 1933. John was brought up in India, schooled in Britain, attended Webber-Douglas School of Drama in London and was an officer in the RAF. He spent 10 years an actor, theatre, film, TV, then wrote & directed. John then went to Rome to appear as a guard in “Cleopatra”. He decided to stay and became involved in voice dubbing and writing English dialogue for Italian films. He has an uncredited voice dubbing role in 1983's "2020 Texas Gladiators".

GAYFORD, John (John Gayford Harry) [2/20/1933, Hertfordshire, England, U.K. – 7/9/2021, Rome, Lazio, Italy] – writer, film, voice actor, 

John Gayford’s English dubbed western:

2020 Texas Gladiators – 1983 [voice]

Special Birthdays

 Lina Carstens (actress) would have been 130 today but died in 1978.

Jacinto San Emeterio (actor) would have been 110 today but died in 1997.

Gaetano Scala (actor) is 90 today.

Jaime Fernandez (actor) would have been 85 today but died in 2005.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Olivier Hémon


French theater, film, voice actor and director Olivier Hémon died in Paris, France on December 3, 2022. He was 72. Born in Paris on September 3, 1950, he is the twin brother of actor Éric Hémon. Olivier was known for The Man in the Iron Mask (1998), Nikita (1990) and La colo (1992). Hémon also had an extensive career in film dubbing and voice acting. Olivier was the French voice of Jack Dalton, Hank Bully, Denver Miles, Flood, Indian Joe, Patronimo, Texas Killer, Thirsty Bear, Grison in the 1991-1992 ‘Lucky Luke’ TV series.

50th Anniversary of the premier of “Sting of the West”


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premier of “Sting of the West” directed by Enzo G. Castellari and starring Jack Palance, Timothy Brent and Lionel Stander. The story tells of Tedeum Manure (Timothy Brent) along with his father Stinky (Lionel Stander), his mother and grandfather insult and beat each other up furiously, but in their own way they love each other. They have the deed to a rich mine in an area that is full of cheaters and swindlers where documents relating to mining operations are non-existent. Mr. Grant (Eduardo Fajardo) buys these unproductive mines at auction at ridiculously low prices, which he then operates, with the intention of getting his hands on a real producing mine sooner or later. Coming on the scene is Father Jackleg (Jack Palance) a fake priest who is actually an escaped convict named Buck Santin on whose head hangs a sizeable reward. Tedeum and all the Manure family find themselves in the pool of a public restroom, where their mine document becomes soggy and faded, and then useless. Finally, it all comes together in a penitentiary, at the center of which is the well that leads to the rich mine.


Te Deum – Italian title

Tedeum – Spanish title

Sore in the Saddle – Australian title

Tedeum – Um Pistoleiro em Apuros – Brazilian title

Man kalder os Vestens frækkeste fupmagere – Danish title

Tedeum - Lännen rämäpää – Finnish title

Te deum – French title

Tedium – Jeder Hiess ein Prankschleg – German title

Tedeum, i pio dynati grothia – Greek title

Vrohi apo sfaires – Greek title

Dá-lhe Agora Tedeum – Portuguese title

Tedium tar hem potten – Swedish title

The Con Men – English title

Father Jackleg – English title

Sting of the West – English title


A 1972 Italian, Spanish film co-production [FP Cinematografica, Canaria Film (Rome),

     Tecisa (Madrid)]

Producers: Franco Palaggi, Virgilio De Blasi

Director: Enzo G. Castellari (Enzo Girolami)

Story: Gianni Simonelli (Giovanni Simonelli), José G. Maesso (José Gutiérrez Maesso),

     Enzo Girolami

Screenplay: Tito Carpi, Gianni Simonelli (Giovanni Simonelli), Enzo Girolami, José G.

     Maesso (José Gutiérrez Maesso)

Cinematography: Manuel Rojas (Manuel Hidalgo) [Technicolor, Techniscope]

Music: Guido & Maurizio De Angelis

Running time: 99 minutes



Buck Santini/Father Jackleg – Jack Palance (Volodmyr Palanyuk, Jr.)

Tedium Manure – Timothy Brent (Giancarlo Prete)

Stinky Manure – Lionel Stander

Betty Brown – Francesca Romana Coluzzi

Grant – Eduardo Fajardo

Wendy Brown – Mabel Karin (Ana Suriani)

Sheriff – Riccardo Garrone

Sheriff on train – Gianclaudio Jabes (Jean-Claude Jabes)

Ma Manure – María Vico (María Villardo)

Rags Manure – Renzo Palmer (Renzo Bigatti)

Billy – Ángel Álvarez (Ángel Fernandez)

Blake – Rocco Lerro

Smith – Ettore Mattia

Waiter – Dante Cleri

Rich man on train – Ivan Palance (Ivan Palanyuk)

Grant henchman – Freddy Unger (Goffredo Unger), Claudio Ruffini

Branch - Miguel Jiminez Pedregosa

Francisco – Franco Borelli

Miner – Karl Braun

Little Girl – Stefania Girolami

Way station cook – Carlo Calo

Man at water trough – Paolo Figlia

Beer wagon driver – Joaquin Solis

Train passenger – Paul Costello

Waiter – Bruno Boschetti

With: Carla Mancini, Fidel Gonzáles (Fidel Gárcia), Guillermo Méndez

European Western Comic Books - Albi nuove avventure - Tascabili (Il Gran Capo Bakalon - Genny la Volante - Lone Ranger - Il Cavaliere Rosso - Colpo di Fulmine)


NEW ADVENTURES BOOKS: Pocket size (The Grand Chief Bakalon - Genny the Flying - Lone Ranger - The Red Knight - Lightning Strike)

A pocket edition of the Albi nuove adventure series featuring: The Adventures of the Big Chief Bakalon (Big Chief Wahoo) (UK) by Allen Saunders and Elmer Woggon; Genny la Volante (Flyin 'Jenny) (GV) by Russell Keaton; Charles Flanders' Lone Ranger (LR); Fred Harman's The Red Knight (Red Ryder) (CR); Colpo du fulmine (Hopalong Cassidy) (CF),  Tom Mix and Dick Montes (Monte Hale) (DM), all taken from Fawcett's comic books, with texts by Otto Binder and Paul S. Newman and drawings by Carl Pfeufer and John Jordan . And again, The Masked Ghost (The Phantom) (FM), Pippo il Parastafeste  (PG) and the Four Boys (4R). The comic book series was published in 1948 with issue #1 released on MaY 23, 1948 and ended with issue #26 in July 1949. It was published in Firenze, Italy by Corrado Tedeschi Editore under the direction of Corrado Tedeschi. Each issue consisted of 32 black and white pages with color covers.



01 (23.05.48) - “La base segreta” (GV) (The Secret Base)

02 (30.05.48) - “La grande battaglia” (GV) (The Great Battle)

03 (19.06.48) - “Il cavallo selvaggio” (GB) (The Wild Horse)

04 (26.06.48) - “La Maga Rossa” (FM) (The Red Maga)

05 (03.07.48) - “La corsa dei cani” (GB) (The Dog Race)

06 (10.07.48) - “Brividi in jeep” (PG) (Chills in Jeep)

07 (07.08.48) - “La roccia del tesoro” (4R) (The Treasure Rock)

08 (14.08.48) - “La carovana del tesoro” (LR) (The Treasure Caravan)

09 (21.08.48) - “La freccia rossa” (LR) (The Red Arrow)

10 (28.08.48) - "L’accusato" (CF) (The Accused)

11 (25.09.48) - "La "gang" della Freccia Nera (LR) (The “Gang” of the Black Arrow)

12 (02.10.48) - "Tre contro la morte" (LR) (Three Against Death)

13 (09.10.48) - "L’assalto alla carovana” (LR) (The Assault on the Caravan)

14 (16.10.48) - "Il mistero del cadavere scomparso" (LR) (The Mystery of the Missing


15 (23.10.48) - "Il biglietto ingannatore" (CR) (The Deceptive Ticket)

16 (30.10.48) - "La valigia della morte" (CF) (The Suitcase of Death)

17 (06.11.48) - "Il fantasma della caverna" (LR) (The Ghost of the Cave)

18 (13.11.48) - "L’infame ricatto" (CR) (The Infamous Blackmail)

19 (20.11.48) - "Fiamme tra il grano" (LR) (Flames Among the Wheat)

20 (27.11.48) - "Colpo di fulmine" (CF) (Love at First Sight)

21 (00.00.00)

22 (00.00.00)

23 (00.03.49) - “La caccia allo sciacallo” (DM) (The Hunt for the Jackal)

24 (00.04.49) - “La lotta per la terra” (CF) (The Fight for the Land)

25 (00.06.49) - “La città fantasma” (DM) (The Ghost Town)

26 (00.07.49) - “Colpo di fulmine” (CF) (Love at First Sight)