Monday, August 24, 2020

European Western Comic Books ~ Apaches West

Apaches West

Apaches West was a reprint of some cineromanzi, previously published in the 1950s, and taken from successful western films such as "Along Came Jones" with Gary Cooper and Loretta Young and "The Sheriff of Steel" with Fred Scott. The covers are by E. Sciotti. The series was published in Rome, Italy by the Publishing House under the direction of Pietro Granelli. The first issue was released in February 1972 and the last in September 1972. Each issue contained 48 black and white pages with color covers. 

01 (00.02.72) - "L'avventuriero" (The Adventurer)
02 (00.03.72) - "Lo sperone nudo" (The Naked Spur)
03 (00.04.72) - "Verso l'ignoto" (Towards the Unknown)
04 (00.05.72) - "Il giustiziere del Texas" (The Texas Executioner)
05 (00.06.72) - "Lo sceriffo d'acciaio" (The Steel Sheriff)
06 (00.07.72) - "Il magnifico colonnello" The Magnificent Colonel)
07 (00.08.72) - "Colorado" (Colorado)
08 (00.09.72) - "Il grande duello" (The Great Duel)

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  1. Thanks for this post. I would like if it is possible that you mention original comics and films names of each issue.