Friday, August 31, 2012

Guess Who I Am

I’m an American actor born in Georgia in 1936.

I was a TV actor appearing on a long running western TV show before making my first film.

I appeared in only one Euro-western in 1966.

Guess who I am.

Chris Casey correctly identified this week's photo as Burt Reynolds.


New Film Release

The film 'The Cockroach', shot in Ubrique, premieres on September 1st

On Saturday, September 1, 2012 the premiere of “The Cockroach” will be shown at the IES. Maestro Francisco Fatou's short film “El Cucaracha”, which was shot in April in various areas involving Ubrique neighbors as extras and supporting actors, according to the City Council’s  website. 15 minutes long, it was prepared by the production company Filasexta Productions and as a modern day the western, which tells the story of "Cockroach", starring Antonio Pica Jerez, a man who despite the times, is caught up in the role of an American cowboy seeking treasure in a small town in southern Spain. Directed by Manuel Ruiz and produced by the team of Filasexta, this project has the support of more than 63 companies, including CNG or Jerez Casting Film Commission and institutions such as the City of Ubrique.

El Cucaracha – Spanish title
The Cockroach – English title

A 2012 Spanish production [Filasexta Producciones (Cadiz)]
Producer: Javier Gómez, Pablo Cotán
Director: Manuel Ruiz Rodriquez
Story: Paz Velázquez
Screenplay: Paz Velázquez
Cinematography: Nando Tolero, Curro Gómez, Elisa Sánchez [color]
Music: Juan Marchena
Running time: 15 minutes

Anselmo ‘Cockroach’ Galera - Antonio Pica (Antonio Serrano)
With: Nando Tolero, Dioni Torres, Paco Enterría, Juan Manuel Suárez, David Sánchez, Benjamín Amores

"Cockroach" is a man who despite the times, is caught up in the role of an American cowboy seeking treasure in a small town in southern Spain. He establishes a friendship with Francisco, a townsman who shows a particular interest in the old cowboy, while his past and trying to chase him derails all reality.

“El Cucaracha” premiers tomorrow September 1, 2012 in Ubrique, Andalusia, Spain


Thursday, August 30, 2012

RIP Igor Kvasha

August 30, 2012 theater actor Igor Kvasha passes away.

Russian stage, radio, film and TV actor Igor Kvasha died in Moscow today August 30, 2012 at the age of 79.

Igor Kvasha was born in Moscow on February 3, 1933, the son of scientist Vladimir Ilich Kvasha, who worked at a faculty at the Mendeleev Russian University of Chemistry and Technology. His mother, a teacher, worked in schools for the mentally disabled.

Kvasha graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School, where he was taught by Aleksander Karev. After graduation he joined the Moscow Art Theater troupe and performed there for two years (1955-1957). In 1957 he started work at the newly-established Sovremennik Theater, where he remained.

Igor appeared as the pastor in his only Euro-western "The Man from Boulevard Capucines" (1987).

Recently, the talented actor became a host for a remarkable TV talk show of the Russian TV First Channel “Zhdi menya” (“Wait for Me Russia”). Kvasha himself acknowledges that he has got where he is by accident. But he still had such vision an an open minded, spiritual man that he became the host of the show.

He was awarded the Order "For Services to the Fatherland" III degree (2006) for outstanding contribution to the development of theatre and many years of creative activity

Kvasha is survived by his wife, son and two grandchildren.


La notte dei serpenti – Italian title
Ringo uccidi – Italian title
Gringo uccidi e’… la note dei serpenti – Italian title
Un tueur nommé Luke – French title
Nacht der Schlange – German title
I polis tis orgis – Greek title
La noche de los serpientes – Spanish title
Ringo Kill – English title
Nest of Vipers – English title
Night of the Serpent – English title

A 1969 Italian production [Ascot, Cineraid, Madison Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producer: Gianni Minervini
Director: Giulio Petroni
Story: Fulvia Gicca (Fulvia Palli)
Screenplay: Fulvia Gicca (Fulvia Palli), Enzo Gica Palli (Lorenzo Palli), Giulio Petroni
Cinematography: Mario Vulpiani, Silvio Fraschetti [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Riz Ortolani (Riziero Ortolani)
Running time: 108 minutes

Luke – Luke Askew (Francis Askew)
Lieutenant Hernandez – Luigi Pistilli
Dolores – Chelo Alonzo (Alicia Garcia)
Manuel – Luciano Casamonica
Pancho – Benito Stefanelli
Ignacio – Giancarlo Badessi
Maria – Magda Konopka
Antonio Pancaldo – William Bogart (Guglielmo Spoletini)
Luciano – Franco Balducci
Ignazio’s wife – Monica Miguel
Sacristan – Franco Valobra
Barman – Alfonso Giganti
With: Liliana Pavlovic (Liliana Pavlo), Bruno Boschetti, Paola Natale, Clara Colosimo (Alessandro Panaro)

Don Venustiano, the mayor of a small Mexican village, with the innkeeper Ignacio, and a prostitute named Jesus Maria Dolores, have joined forces to get the little orphan Manuel, hoping to collect, the ten thousand dollars that his father left him for an inheritance. Lieutenant Hernandez, the local police chief, however, discovers their plan - which is to kill the child - and has asked for and received by threatening their lives, a part in the deal. Hernandez convinces the bandit Antonio Pancaldo to hire him in exchange for five hundred pesos; a hit man who once has performed the task should be hanged, not to arouse suspicion. The hit man is a gringo named Luke, who has been reduced to an abject drunk for killing his son during a stupid challenge. Arriving at the village, Luke, rejected by all, is befriended by Manuel, who lives with a woman, Mary, who has always cared for him. Gradually Luke takes a liking to Manuel and when he discovers that he is the person he’s been hired to kill, not only refuses to commit the crime, but assumes the protection of the child. Don Venustiano is found dead - hanged by the Hernandez - Dolores is found murdered. Luke manages to rescue Manuel from the hands of Ignacio and finally faces Lieutenant Hernandez, killing him.