Tuesday, July 31, 2018

New Book Release

Voyage dans le cinéma de Sergio Corbucci
Author: Vincent Jourdan

Publisher: LettMotif
Language: French
Pages: 310
ISBN 978-2-36716-234-8
22,90 € – 39,00 €

Known especially for his baroque, funny and violent Italian westerns, Navajo Joe, Django, El Mercenario, The Great Silence and Companeros, Sergio Corbucci is also a director whose extensive filmography includes more than sixty feature films.

From post-war neorealism to the melodramas of the fifties, from the golden age of genre cinema (western, gothic, peplum) to the heyday of comedy (his favorite genre) until the difficult years, seventies and eighties, he goes through four decades of Italian cinema, marrying all the movements, sometimes precursor, always animated by the passion for film.

Roman to the tips of his nails, endearing personality, "the other Sergio" has not attracted the interest of criticism. This book is the first to cover his entire career, a rich and exciting work to discover in all its facets.

A visceral cinephile who has been on the airwaves and various sites (Kinok, Zoom Back, the Fiches du Cinéma), Vincent Jourdan is the author of the blog Inisfree (http://inisfree.hautetfort.com/) where he shares since 2004 his taste eclectic, embracing with a broad and generous movement of John Ford and Sergio Corbucci, Africa and Asia, Cinemascope and Super 8.

President of the Association Regard Indépendant, Vincent animates since 1999 the Rencontres Cinema and Video in Nice around the cinema which takes a step aside. Traveling in Sergio Corbucci's cinema is his first work.

Special Birthdays

Diego Arjona (actor) is 40 today.

Monday, July 30, 2018

European Western Comic Books ~ Skorpio

Skorpio is an Italian comic magazine, published since 1977 by the Roman publishing house Eura Editoriale and, since 2010, by Editoriale Aurea. Publishing has been continuous since 1977, it has exceeded one thousand numbered isues.

Skorpio is a weekly published comic book of from 92-114 pages. Over 1297 issues have been published in 25 years. At the beginning each issue it presents 6 complete comics with fixed characters and free stories as well as columns of games, engines, cinema, music, sports.  Two years after the publishing success of LANCIOSTORY (1975), the Eura Editoriale offers a similar publication in terms of format and content, to satisfy the demand for new stories from its readers.  The publisher's intent is to create a newspaper "with ever wider horizons in the field of adventure and fantasy".  The stories are not limited to the "classic" genres, from western to science fiction, but at least initially try other ways: from sea adventures to espionage, with an emphasis on horror-fantasy themes.  The SKORPIO series, The Lonely Avenger, designed by the Argentinean Ernesto Garcia Seijas, gives its name to the spy genre.

Special Birthdays

Chris Howland (actor) would have been 90, he died in 2013.

Edd Byrnes (actor) is 85 today.

Carel Struycken (actor) is 70 today.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Old Firehand comes to Bad Segeberg

Live radio play of a Karl May classic in the city of the Karl May play. 

"Old Firehand" - here the cover illustration of the volume from the Karl-May-Verlag - will be live in Bad Segeberg as a live radio play.

The radio play "Old Firehand" of the label "Ohrenkneifer" inspired by Karl-May-Freunde on the one hand by its proximity to the original text, on the other hand by the elaborate production in relation to excellent speakers, sounds and music. Now there is the opportunity to experience this in Bad Segeberg on two dates (August 1st and 8th, 2018, at 6:00 pm, Bürgersaal Rathaus Bad Segeberg) as a live radio play. The team, specially assembled for this event, has a few good acquaintances: For example, with Jan Sosniok in the role of Winnetou, and Patrick L. Schmitz, normally a Kalkberg comedian, may be on the title role of a heroic sidekcik.

Prices: 14 euros, concessions: 10 euros. Further information about  tourist-info@badsegeberg.de  or on www.radiolivetheater.de.