Thursday, October 12, 2017

Nine Mile Creek

Nine Mile Creek – English title
El arroyo de las 9 millas – Spanish title
Nine Mile Creek – U.S.A. title

A 2016 British production [Goldsmiths University (London)]
Producer: Benjamin Gerard Jose Byrne, Alicia Audet
Director: Ian Bagley
Story: Ian Bagley
Screenplay: Ian Bagley
Cinematography:  Joshua Black [color, CinemaScope]
Music: Robin Harris
Running time: 12 minutes

Stu - Jamie Scott Gordon
Bob – Rory Cargill
Charles Kennedy - Johnny Vivash
The Stranger - Gary Reimer
The Boy - Xavier Gomez
Rosa - Jimena Larraguivel
Stunt coordinator - Nicholas Daines

After the discovery of gold in 1867, Northern New Mexico began to be flooded with would-be prospectors scouring the mountains and staking their claims. With the rush of miners came homesteaders, ranchers, circuit riders, gamblers, thieves and ...a serial killer. Over the next 3 years people started to quietly disappear on the dangerous mountain roads between the mining towns. Our story takes place on the eve of the killer's last murder but things do not go as planned as a young mother, Rosa, and her son inadvertently interfere.

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