Monday, October 2, 2017

Health concerns for Winnetou’s Karin Dor

"What we/you can do is pray": concern for the first German Bondgirl Karin Dor.

Karin Dor's condition is becoming critical. She took a fall in July 2016 and the 79-year-old actress has not recovered - even now there is no improvement in sight. Fans are concerned about the first German Bondgirl.

A year ago, actress Karin Dor was supposed to be on the road in South Tyrol, where she suddenly had a collision with a woman and a baby carriage. The actress had fallen so hard that she hit the curb with her backside. According to information from the "Bild" newspaper Dor had been unconscious for a quarter of an hour, with a severe blow to her head.

At first the native Wiesbadener seemed to be getting better shortly after the accident, however, she appeared on the stage in the comedy at the Bavarian Court in Munich. But evidently Dor had been given enough rest.

"Your brain needs absolute rest"

Her condition soon deteriorated. So much so that the 79-year-old today, according to reports of the newspaper neither reads, nor can she use the telephone. "Your brain must have absolute peace," explained her manager Irmgard Scheermann the newspaper. Dor's balance was there, so the doctors were confronted with a riddle.

Since March of this year the actress has been on rehab. "It's terribly sad. There is no improvement. She probably will not be able to return to her beautiful house either, "said Scheermann.
"The only thing her fans can do now is pray".

"It's a tragic thing," she said, "and the fans of the actress are very touching with their letters, according to Scheermann. "But the only thing they can do now is pray."

Since 1953, Karin Dor, who was born as Kätherose Derr in 1938, had been standing in front of the camera for numerous film productions. Among her most important roles, other than being a Bond Girl alongside Sean Connery, was as Ribanna in "Winnetou II" in 1966.

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