Saturday, October 21, 2017

Honeymoon in the West

Lune de miel dans l’ouest – French title
Honeymoon in the West – English title

A French production [Bargougnan Media (Paris)]
Producer: Laurent Ardoint
Directors: Laurent Ardoint, Stéphane Dupra
Story: Laurent Ardoint, Stéphane Dupra
Screenplay: Laurent Ardoint, Stéphane Dupra
Cinematography: Julien Guéraud [color]
Music: Stéphane Duprat
Running time: 15 minutes

Mike - Bertrand Constant
Doug - Stéphane Duprat
Lisa - Nathalie Franceschi
Paul - Joel Villy
Max – Fred Tolfey

A couple of newlyweds face a trio of outlaws.

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