Saturday, October 7, 2017


Gold – International title

A 2015 Dutch production [Antf, 221B Productions (Amsterdam)]
Producer: Florian Martinez, Guilhem Connac, John Vigny
Director: Guilhem Connac
Story: Guilhem Connac
Screenplay: Guilhem Connac, Benoît Labannierre
Cinematography: Pepe Quintanilla [color]
Music: Stéphane Polge
Running time: 24 minutes

Milton White – Gabriel Targues
Samuel Brannan – Didier Chaix
James Marshall - Benoît Labannierre
John Sutter – Robert Thiel

California, 1847. The upcoming gold rush is going to change the destiny of several inhabitants of the young city of San Francisco. This film relates on a human-scale this major event of the United-States History.

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