Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Irene – International title

A 2016, Swedish production [Horizon Pictures
Producer: Alex Stråe, Sofia Fors
Director: Anton Rinzén
Story: Anton Rinzén
Screenplay: Anton Rinzén
Cinematography: Marcus Östling [color]
Music: Tommy Bergström     
Running time: 15 minutes

Albin - Alec Toselli
Ångström- Magnus Af Sandeberg
Irene’s mother - Susanne Hörnquist
The plot device man - Mikael Laaksonen
Burman - Niclas Bergqvist
Irene - Johanna Sandström
Göran Benefalk - Roger Melin
Benefalk's cccountant - Olle Ekman

In a snowy village, Irene, and a violent, revenge seeking, bounty-hunter are on a quest to find the man who killed her mother.

Vimeo trailer link: https://vimeo.com/210181837

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