Thursday, March 16, 2017

Who Are Those Guys ~ Simon Cain

Simon Cain was born in Orpington in Kent and attended Banstead Residential School before going off to Australia for schooling. While living in Perth, selling TV's he became interested in amateur dramatics and after moving to Sydney started to appear in small parts on the stage. He eventually moved on to film and television with productions like “The Merchant of Venice” and “Once Upon a Mattress”. He returned to the UK in 1964 working at St. Martins Theatre. His other TV work includes ‘Dr Who’ (1967-1970) and ‘Doomwatch’ (1970). His Carry On appearances are Short in “Carry on Cowboy” (1965), Riff in “Carry On - Follow That Camel” (1967), Teaboy in “Carry on Doctor” (1969), the Bagpipe player in “Carry on Up the Khyber” (1968), and the X-Ray operative in Again Doctor and Barman in “Carry on at Your Convenience” (1971). Archive footage of Simon was seen in “That's Carry On!” (1977) and "What a Carry On" (TV) (1983,1984). What’s become of Simon Cain is unknown.

CAIN, Simon [193?, Orpington, Kent, England, U.K. -     ] – theater, film, TV actor.
Carry on Cowboy – 1965 (Short)

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