Friday, March 31, 2017

Spaghetti Western Trivia ~ He’s Namin’ Us!

In the opening scene of “Any Gun Can Play” by Enzo Castellari we see three men ride into a windswept deserted town. They stop and we see close-ups of the men. The first looks and is dressed like ‘The Man With No Name’, the second “Django’ and the third ‘Colonel Mortimer’. They approach a wagon carrying three coffins followed by a single man dressed in black walking behind. When the three men stop the wagon and inquire who’s inside the coffins the man in black tells them the names: Paco Diaz, Jose Huerta, Jesus Sanchez. Huerta exclaims, “But, he’s namin’ us!” They quickly go for their pistols but are gunned down by the man in black. Afterward the man in black opens each casket one at a time and inside are wanted posters for Paco Diaz, Jose Huerta and Jesus Sanchez. He exclaims, “Now there’s only Monetero.” Thus one of the best openings in the genre and an homage to three of its best known characters.   


  1. Biltmore: One of the three is Jose Torres!

  2. Jose Torres plays the Colonel Mortimer character.