Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Return of Luke, the Kamikazi

Il ritorno di Lucio il Kamikazi – Italian title
The Return of Luke, the Kamikazi – English title

A 1974 Italian production
Director: Alain Kuntern
Story: Francesco Mannocch
Screenplay: Francesco Mannocch
Cinemtography: Pierri Spattini
Music: Enzo Barbituri

Story: In a large town out west, the editor of the local gazette and his accomplices are reigning terror on the community by publishing ignominiously, repudiating, and false news, to stultify, the people. A few ferles townsfolk want to re-establish the truth and call for help of a bounty-killer nicknamed 'The Kamikaze' (G. Mitchell) who is most famous for his sense of humor in particular.

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