Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sartana Radio Play

Sartana - still warm and gentle sand it

Summit of the Stars for the Spaghetti Western radio play by WDR 3: Bela B. ("Doctors"), Stefan Kaminski, Oliver Rohrbeck ("The Three ???"), Peta Devlin - and synchronous legend Rainer Brandt ride together in the sunset behind Indian Creek.

Sartana is a Western hero, who exists only in spaghetti westerns: cunning, unbeatable, smart, sexy, cool - and moral. A dream role for Bela B., who became famous as a drummer and punk singer with "The Doctors". The template for this Western radio play is the cult movie of 1970 and the synchronous book written by Rainer Brandt, who in turn, voiced Bud Spencer, Tony Curtis. The play takes plac e on the dusty streets of the gold mining town of Indian Creek cliche characters: Saloon Ladies, lousy card gamblers and gunslingers, an evil bank owner and sloon owners. And of course you will be impressed a beautiful young woman in the place, it surprisingly has a sly old dog. We must mention that Sartana soon emerges in all his incorruptible Ice-coolness in the immediate neighborhood and offers her his personal protection?

The plays premier broadcast will be on November 8th on WDR 3 radio from 19:04 (7:04 p.m. and be repeated at 23:00 (11:00 p.m. on 1LIVE). The extended version with all the Western songs of Bela B.'s band Smokestack Lightnin 'runs on WDR 3 New Year's Eve from 20:04 (8:04 p.m.). And on December 3, the live radio play will tour with Bela B. and the entire Western ensemble and premiere in Dusseldorf at the Capitol Theater.

Tour-operators: HPR Live Cologne

Sartana Tourtermine
Saturday, December 3, Premiere in Düsseldorf, Capitol Theater (Schauspiel Düsseldorf)
Sunday, December 4, Alsdorf (Aachen), Stadhalle
Monday, December 5, Leverkusen, Forum Leverkusen
Tuesday, December 6, Recklinghausen, Ruhrfestspielhaus
Wednesday, December 7, Dortmund, Konzerthaus
Thursday, December 8, Duisburg, Theater am Marientor

German voices by Rainer Brandt

Edited and supplemented by Leonhard Koppelmann, Roland Slawik and Christian Kessler
Narrator: Rainer Brandt
Starring: Bela B., Peta Devlin, Stefan Kaminski, Oliver Rohrbeck
Composition and Music: Peta Devlin, Bela B. Felsenheimer and Smokestack Lightnin '
Music recordings: Gregor Hennig and Peta Devlin
Music Mix songs: Oliver Zülch
Dialogue: Jean-Boris Szymczak, Kaspar Wollheim and Susanne Bronder
Total assembly and mixture: Werner Jäger and Mechthild Austermann
Assistant Director: Stefan Cordes
Director: Leonhard Koppelmann
Illustrations: Robert Schlunze
Dramturgy: Martina Müller-Wallraf
A production of the West German Radio Cologne 2016

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