Friday, September 9, 2016

New Book Release

Guide to Western movies
€ 30.00

Edited by: Michael Tetro
In collaboration with: Stefano Di Marino
With forwards by Walter Catalano, Roberto Chiavini


The western cinema is still alive? Absolutely, without a doubt. But when it was born? Who are its protagonists, beyond the most popular? And why for the last hundred years of history has always been so loved?

The classic western, the western twilight and revisionist, contamination western, western Italian and international, parody western ... These and many other stages of a long journey that will take you to (re) discover a genre based on ' adventure, the comparison with the unknown and the surrounding environment, the search for personal affirmation. The Western movies into exciting and branched story, a book will be enjoyed by both fans and newcomers, suggesting new avenues to explore, including history, myth and legend.

This imaginary track, interrupted by four "bivouacs" in furtherance of some protagonists of the Frontier really existed, follows the evolution of the genre between directors and actors that the West gave their personal reading.

The two authors will therefore invite you to take a break and sit with them around the fire: will tell of fiery duels, cowboy and Indian rebels, and it will be like getting lost in a world of dust and bullets, of a nostalgic and poetic background as the light at sunset in Monument Valley. The West no longer exists, but in the end, thanks to those who told the West is never finished.

27 themes for 27 chapters • All films of the great directors

Available now.

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