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Karl-May-Spiele: Im Tal des Todes (2002)

Karl-May-Spiele: Im Tal des Todes

A 2002 German television production
Director: Norbert Schultze Jr.
Story: Im Tal des Todes by Karl May
Teleplay: Micharl Stamp
Photography: [color]
Running time: 84 minutes

Winnetou – Gojko Mitic
Old Firehand - Reiner Schöne
Señorita Miranda - Allegra Curtis
Sam Hawkens - Jochen Baumert
Hobble Frank - Jörg Bundschuh
Juanito Alfarez - Anderson Farah
Lata Nalgut (Stark Hand) - Michael Grimm
Paloma Nakana - Vanida Karun
Eisener Pfeil - Nicolas König
Dr. Harltey - Thorsten Laussch
Roulin - Joshy Peters
Martin von Adlehors, Trivette  - Clemens von Ramin
Thorsten Laussch – Fried Wolff
Dr. Jefferson Hartley – Uwe Karpa
Jesse Grimm, Harry – Richard Gotthard
Newton – Maik Sommer

The Valley of Death - no living soul has ever returned from there. The devil, as the legend of the Indians report, lives there. Wheeler Roulin holds slaves trapped in a secret mercury mine, shrouded by poisonous fumes. Among them is the German aristocrat Martin of Aerie and the son of the Chriricahua-Apache chief Lata-nalgut (Strong Hand). Along with the beautiful but ruthless Senorita Miranda Roulin who has made the drunken Maricopa-chief "Iron Arrow" an ally. All three have it in for the mysterious "Paloma Nakana" - a young woman who lives under the protection of the Apaches and searches for her lost lover: Martin Adler Horst. Winnetou and Old Firehand have to muster all their skills to keep peace in the Indian lands. They are supported on their path by good friends: Sam Hawken and Hobble-Frank. However, the two Western men have their work cut out for them, the refined quack Dr. Jefferson Hartley, seller of the miracle elixir Little Water, who says it will protect them against all kinds of angry customers. The drama develops, as Old Firehand adventurous son Harry from Senorita Roulin is held prisoner at the mercury mine and "Paloma Nakana" is to be sacrificed to the gods of the Maricopas in a secret ceremony.

A televised edition of the outdoor play put on at Bad Segeberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Shown on German TV in September 2002.

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