Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lost in the West

Lost in the West – English title

A 2016 U.S.A., Spanish co-production [Galdo Media (Madrid)]
Producer: Eduardo Galdo
Director: Carlos González
Story: Kevin M. Brennan, Doug Manley
Screenplay: Kevin M. Brennan, Doug Manley
Cinematography: Willy Abad [color]
Music: Federico Jusid
Running time:

Dave Flowers – Niko Gaurdado
Chip Caldwell – Caleb Thomas
Lisa Waters/Luna – Fallon Smythe
Future Lisa - Jade Zafra
Kerry – Jennifer Blanco
Mom – Elena Sandell
Doc Duvalier – Mark Schardan
Mrs. Cole – Kathleen Renish
Gabby – Jimmy Shaw
Guards – Javier Ramos, Sergio Momo
Future Jame - Rocío León
Hatter – Pol Monen, William Monrabal Cook, Aaron Ziobrowski
Mrs. Cole – Kathleen Renish
Future Dave – Toni Rodriguez
Sheriff – Rick Zingale
Mitch Duvalier - Kamran Darabi-Ford
Cody Duvalier – Pablo Gallo
Cody’s friend - Andrés Gasch
Texas Jane – Morgan Higgins
Bruce – Tony Madigan
Future Chip - Benjamin Nathan-Serio
Coach driver – Julio Perillán
Gym coach – Veronica Polo
Buck – Lee Ranns
Man - Benjamin Jesse Robison
Mr. Sullivan – Anthony Rotsa
Jimmy the Kid – Alex Sawyer
Coboy Good Old Boy – Michael Strelow
Chief Running Water – Jeffrey Zach

Chip and Dave, are transported back in time to 1885 after one of them accidentally invents a time machine. They soon become entangled in a crazy Wild West adventure as they fight off evil outlaws, avoid changing the future and try to make it back to the present.


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