Friday, September 9, 2016

RIP Mimmo Craig

Guglielmo ‘Mimmo’ Craig died in Milan, Italy on September 8. He was 89. Born in La Spezia, Italy on June 10, 1925, he was a well-known character actor, who made his debut in the Italian theater after World War II with Errepi Company Remigio Paone. In the late fifties, he was part of the company Dario Fo. On the big screen he made ​​his debut with small parts at the beginning of the 1950s alongside Renato Rascel, appearing only occasionally in later roles of no great importance and also in two dramas directed by Carlo Lizzani .

In the sixties gained some popularity in television on Carousel (between 1963 and 1976 ), in which he played a skinny man who had a recurring nightmare, of becoming fat. At the end of the dream, with the background music of the Morning taken from Peer Gynt by Edvard Grieg , he exclaimed the slogan La pancia non c'è più (The belly is gone), which became a smash hit at the time. His last appearance was in 2004. He occasionally was a voice actor: and lent his voice to several animated series (especially in Monciccì) and was the voice of Nick Colasanto in the popular American sitcom ‘Cheers’.

Mimmo’s lone Euro-western was an appearance in 1952’s “Il bandolero stanco”.

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