Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fear the Unknown Men

Fear the Unknown Men – English title

A 2016 British production [Tropic Crusade Pictures, DCT (London)]
Producer: Sophie Stacey        
Director: Luke Shelley           
Story: Michael Kennedy        
Screenplay: Michael Kennedy, Craig Busek 
Cinematography: Arran Green [color]
Music: Jack Pierce
Running time:

Sheriff Elijah Conway - Nigel Barber
The Stranger – Michael Kennedy
Madame Rouge – Pippa Winslow
Buck Ford – Max Cavenham
Susie ‘Gums’ Lewis – Karen Brace
Douglas Lewis – Garth Twa
Roger ‘Blondie’ Wilson
Anna Azul – Maureen Rejali
Martha Black – Cristina Dohmen
Hansel ‘Hans’ Taylor – Matt Jones
Rufus Stone – Paul Shelley
Karloff Brody – Cj Read
Red Beard Pete – Mitchell Armstrong
With: Perry Brooks Jr.
Stunt coordinator: Matt Mitchell

'Fear the Unknown Men' is a western thriller. The film follows a superstitious sheriff calculating how to arrest a notorious gang who are holed up in a small-town saloon for a night. His plans are thrown off by the arrival of a manipulative stranger, looking to collect the wanted men’s bounty. Can the two men work together, or will the criminals be free to ride another day?

The story is a dark a tug-of-war between justice and revenge, where an unwarranted murder is one ill-given look away. Characters cannot be trusted to fulfil their promises, are likely to stab others in the back at a moment’s notice, and nobody’s true motivation is ever revealed until it is too late.

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