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Karl May Spiele - Old Surehand (2003)

Karl May Spiele – Old Surehand

A 2003 German television production
Director: Norbert Schultze Jr.
Story: Old Surehand by Karl May
Teleplay: Michael Stamp
Photography: [color]
Running time: 80 minutes

Old Surehand – Wayne Carpendale
Winnetou – Gocjko Mitic
General Douglas – Jürgen Mai
Old Shatterhand – Joshy Peters
Apanatschka – Farah Anderson
Vupa Umugi, der Grosse Donner – Ben D. Bremer
Mutter Thick – Dunja Ratter
Old Wabble - Frank Wieczorek
Tante Droll – Jochen Baumert
Lord Castlepool - Frank Schröder
Smedley – Fried Wolff
Lea-tshina, the White Feather – Clara Velez
Kohma Puschi – Sarahg Kattih
Colonel Ernest Peach – Maik Sommer
Narrator – Helmut Krauss

He is the best shot in the Wild West, but also a man who hides a secret from his past: Old Surehand! Restless he roams for years with the young scouts of the prairie, searching for the man who once destroyed his family - and finding his lost brother. It’s a good thing that he the Apache chief Winnetou are blood brothers, who helps him in this search. But then Old Surehand finds himself in the hands of the Comanche Warchief Vupa Umugi and the young hot-blooded Apanatschka who wants to let him die at the stake. A dramatic race against time begins - and also the British Lord Castle Pool shows that he can be a real hero. But there are many open questions: What is the role of the shady General Douglas and the aged Old Wabble, the "King of the Cowboys"? And who is the strange rider called "Kolma Puschi", that nobody really knows? Does he know perhaps more about Old Surehand fate? Has Old Surehand ever met his brother, and will he be able to recognize him? Will there be be for the western man a happy ending with the Comanche squaw Lea-tshina, the White spring? The answers are waiting at the "devil’s head", a dreaded mountain in the Rocky Mountains.

Shown on German TV September 13, 2003.

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