Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How (Not) to Robe a Train

How (Not) to Robe a Train – International title

A British, Canadian co-production
Producer: Anna Maguire
Director: Anna Maguire
Story: Anna Maguire
Screenplay: Anna Maguire
Cinematographer: Shelley Jones [black & white]
Animator: Isabel Greenberg   
Music: Jesus Menguiano        
Running time: 4 minutes

Sheriff – Ziggy Heath
Eve – Eve Hedderwick Turner
Anna – Anna Maguire
Matilda – Matilda Sturridge
Little girl bandit - Bonnie Wright

Never forget how to play make believe games. Or tie your friend to (disused) railway tracks in the name of fun. Or plant (cardboard) explosives on said tracks to steal lots and lots of money from a (2D) train. Or save the boy you love from certain (?) death. Always remember how (not) to rob a train.

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