Sunday, September 11, 2016

RIP Anthony Ascott (Giuliano Carnimeo)

Italian producer, director and writer Giuliano Carnimeo, known to most Euro-western fans as Anthony Ascott died in Rome on September 10th. He was 84. As Anthony Ascott he was one of the premier action directors in Italian film and will forever be associated with the creation of the “Sartana” character played by Gianni Garko. Ascott directed several Sartana films among his 13 Euro-westerns. Born in Bari, Puglia, Italy on July 4, 1932 he was one of the greats of the genre and will missed.


  1. Indeed, one of the best.As much as some scholars try to dismiss the popularity and importance of the Sartana character, the public loved him, and still does so! R.I.P. Big Anthony!

    Stephan, from Brazil

  2. Now I understand the disappearance of giuliano, the master of art that has accompanied me in the epic western with great wisdom and fun. Stay forever in my film history, in my maturity of actor, in the best memories of my life, I owe him gratitude, esteem and success. A big hug giuliano! Gianni Garko

    1. And we, fans of Sartana, owe Giuliano and you the many special hours that you gave to us in the screen.In my country, Sartana is one of the most fondly remembered Western characters!


  3. The most humble among the great and the greatest among the modest!!! - Enzo G. Castellari

  4. Sorry to hear, RIP - Dan van Husen