Sunday, November 8, 2015

Triggerman (TV)

Doc West – Nobody schlägt zurück – German title
The Return of Doc West - English title
Triggerman - U.S.A. title

A 2008 Italian, U.S.A. co-production [DAP (Rome), Fremantle Media North America, HDNM Entertainment (Hollywood)]
Producer: Marco De Angelis, Simone Tordi, Andelmo Parrinello
Director: Giulio Base, Terence Hill
Story: Marco Barboni, Luca Biglione, Marcello Olivieri
Screenplay: Marco Barboni, Luca Biglione, Marcello Olivieri
Cinematography: Massimiliano Trevis [color]
Music: Maurizio De Angelis
Running time:

Doc West - Terence Hill (Mario Girotti)
Sheriff Roy Basehart - Paul Sorvino
Denise Stark – Clare Carey
Millie Mitchell - Mary Petruolo
Johnny ‘Boy’ O’Leary - Fabrizio Bucci
Elizabeth - Evgeniya Chernyshova
Burt Baker - Micah Alberti
Jack Baker - Linus Huffman
Dana Mitchell - Gisella Marengo
Gloria - Mercedes Leggett
Erwin Van Breukelen - Mark Silversten
Hans - Dylan Kenin
Nathan Mitchell - Boots Southerland
Victor Baker - Adam Taylor
Silver - Benjamin Petry
Maria - Kisha Sierra
Manuel – Rick Ortega
Debra ’Tricky’ Downing - Ornella Muti
Slim - Anthony Atler
Telegrapher - Ryil Adamson
Las Alamas townswomen - Maria Bethke, Carla Loderus, Debrianna Mansini
Larry - Gianni Biasetti
Sam ‘The Prophet’ Lynchett - Crispian Belfrage
Blacksmith - Vic Browder
Blacksmith’s assistant – Paul J. Porter
Estrela Ramos - Darrian Chavez
Gambler – Chris Bentley
Luke ‘The Player’ - Luca Ceccarelli
Dandy - Christian Margetson
Body Guards – Russ Diller, Stephen A. Eiland
Old man - James Espinoza
Old Mexican woman – Salome Martinez Lutz
Cowboys - Ramon Frank, Christopher Hagen, David Manzaneras, Randall Oliver, Clark Sanchez
Grandma Melody Mitchell - Lois Geary
Holly Sand Postal Clerk – Kevin Skovsen
Santa Fe Postal Clerk – John Hardman
Las Alamas townsman - Jose M. Gallardo, Jr., Jack E. Miller
Las Alamas townswoman – Maria Bethke
Santa Fe woman - Lise Hilbolt
Xiu Shintai - Christina July Kim
Xiu’s brother - Frankey Singvlay
Mr. Shintai - Jimmy Ning
Mrs. Shintai - Sheila Ivy Traister
Ryan - Philip L. Seeger (Philip Lee Seeger)
Ryan’s woman – Jacqueline Reid
Barber shop patron - Ryan Pace
Signora Wallet - Judith Ran
Store clerk - Eileen Street
Drunks – Luce Rains, Argos MacCallum
Shaman - Raoul Trujillo
Shopkeeper - Art Westgate
Shop patron – Meghan Dabney, Cynthia Lee
Messengers – Johnny D. Long, Jake Walker
Edward ’12 Fingers’ – Guido De Angelis
Mr. Staunton - Giulio Base
Apache Chief – David Midthunder
Apache Woman – Avu (Bernice Dahl)
Apache boy – Malkolm Dahl
Horseman - Thadd Turner
Jesse ‘The Lackey’ Fortunato - Jess Hill (Jesse Hill)
Beer delivery man – J. Michael ‘Yak’ Oliva
Doc’s Horse - Casey
With: Bobby Andrew Burns, Al Cantu, Tyra Dillenschneider, Gilley Grey, Gene Hartline, Michael R. Long, Raymond L. Schwarz, Don Shanks, Shelby Swatek, William A. Weber
Stunts: Gianni Biasetti, Tommy Mack Turvey 

A legendary poker-playing outlaw, Triggerman, arrives in town for the wildest gambling tournament this side of the West. As the tournament begins, he gets caught up in a violent showdown as bandits try to cheat their way to the finals. With his hand on the trigger, this outlaw won’t let anything come between him and his winning hand.

This was a follow up made to television film to Doc West. This was to be a television series and these films were filmed in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico and made as pilots for the series. Like many other attempts before it the series failed to develop a financial backing. The two films were shown on Italian television September 7th and 14th, 2009. Both handily won their time slots but no further episodes were filmed.


  1. Hill is a unique talent whom I first saw in the movie, "My Name is Nobody." I enjoyed Doc West though it has many holes. I have written many books, one of which I would like to get into the hands of Guido DeAngelis. Could you possibly help with contact information?

    Welby Thomas Cox, Jr.
    The Miracle of the Images

  2. I do not have any direct contact with the De Angelis brothers. I would suggest contacting Claudio Fuiano or John Bender, who are bohh on Faceboook. Claudio has direct contact I am sure of as he writes the booklets for BEAT Records.