Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wind in den Zweigen des Sassafras (TV)

Wind in den Zweigen des Sassafras - German title
(Wind in the branches of sassafras – English translated title)

A 1968 West German television production [Schloßpark Theater Berlin, ZDF (Berlin)]
Director: Friedrich W. Bauschulte
Story: René de Obaldia
Teleplay: Eugen Helmlé
Photography: [black & white]
Running time: 100 minutes

John-Emery Rockefeller - Martin Hirthe [Mexican Revolution]
Caroline Rockefeller - Charlotte Joeres
Pamela - Diana Körner
Tom - Christoph Bantzer
William Butler - Werner Stock
Carlos - Christian Rode
Miriam - Gisela Dreyer
Chicken Eye/Luchsauge - Heinz Rabe
Musicians - Hermann Leuschner, Peter Liebert, Fritz Tobin, Robert Göring   

Based on the book by the book and theatrical play by René de Obaldia. A family gathers together in prayer faced with Indian attacks, a corrupt sheriff and thieves who want the oil their land sits upon.

This theatrical play made into a made for television movie shown on West German TV on August 7, 1968.

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