Monday, November 1, 2021

European Western Comic Books ~ World Adventures

 The World Adventures WORLD ADVENTURES (European Western Comic Book Buffalo Bill - Il Capitan Fracassa - Sitting Bull - Various)

This comic book series features both free stories and characters (Buffalo Bill, The Captain Fracassa and Sitting Bull) written mainly by French authors such as Pellos and Pascal. The covers, in watercolor, are by Franco Donatelli. Announced, but not found, the #7 entitled "I miserabili" (The Niserables). Images: Antonio Farina. It was first published in 1955 by GVA Publishing House under the direction of Giusto Vaglieri in Milan, Italy #1 January 1955 and finished with #6 on June 1955. Each issue contained 48 black and white pages with color covers. 



01 (00.01.55) - “Buffalo Bill”
02 (00.02.55) - “Il mistero dell’atollo” (The Mystery of the Atoll)
03 (00.03.55) - “L’uccisore di daini” (The Killer of the Fallow Deer)
04 (00.04.55) - “Il Capitan Fracassa” (Captain Fracassa)
05 (00.05.55) - “Il pirata” (The Pirate)
06 (00.06.55) - “Sitting Bull)" (Toro Seduto) (Sitting Bull)

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