Saturday, November 13, 2021

Three Shots


Three Shots – International title


A 2021 Spanish short film production

Producer: David Rodríguez y Noelia March

Director: David Rodríguez

Story: Leonardo Giménez

Screenplay: David Rodríguez y Noelia March

Cinematography: David Rodríguez


Running time: 16 minutes



Leonardo Giménez, Jordi Galimany, Noelia March, David Rodríguez, Diego García, Diego Pérez, Terry Bordiú, Miguel Morales, John “Casidi”, Armin Lautz, Isabel Rebolledo, David Hubbard, Carol Sievwright, Carlos Juan, Mari Montes y María Casas.

A poor bastard (Wayne Thompson) is jailed by the town sheriff (Scott McDonald) in a robbery for subsistence. In prison he meets Archie, a wacky thief, but everything changes when Holly, Wayne's wife, shows up at the office.


[submitted by Gary Williams]

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