Friday, November 19, 2021

Scalped Alive


Tot Oder Lebendig – German title

Lebendig Skalpiert – German title

Blood Tomahawk – Scalped Alive – English title

Dead or Alive – English title


A 2014 film production [Jochen Taubert Filmproduktion


Director: Jochen Taubert



Cinematography: Sascha Bauschen, Norbert Schuer, Jochen Taubert

Music: Michael Donner

Running time: 78 minutes



Apachenjägerin - Taynara Wolf

Südstaaten-General - Ralf Richter

With: Alina Lina, Christian Stock, Heiko Bender, Texas Patti, Sabrina Arnds, Elisabeth Habicht, Uwe Choroba, Giovanna Pepe, Ingo Kunert, Ramona Groth, Katja We, Klaus Thiel Klenner, Sascha Goldbach, Simon Busch, Andreas Sierigh, Heinz Growth, Simon Herbers, Nicolay Kersten, Alexander Giebken, Hans Schulte, Markus Beyer, Sebastian Sauer, Uffi Kontor, Andreas Gumpl. Sebastien Rietmann, Lenard Kunde, Andreas Marx, Tomas de Prato,Ingo Elsbernd, Ulf Reuss, Larissa Hase, Andreas Huelsmann, Michael Domjahn, Christian Wentholt, Robert von Kesteren, Monika Growth, Peter Nieland, Mika Kunert, Thomas Fuest, Mathias Schnidt, Otger Niehas, Franz Potthof, Nadin Imming, Hans Schulte, Rüdiger Imming,Ingrid Kleine,Sandra Lamm, Jochen Taubert,, Jürgen Bach, Heinrich Gasman, Renate Kloster, Irmgard Kolbe, Luis Neumann, Thomas Kercmar, Larissa Zolotar, Rüdiger Schuster ,Angie Schneider, Jochen Taubert, Dietmar Domjahn, Christoph Krappe, Erwin Feldkamp, Melissa Hinske, Siegfried Fedder 


On the hunt for buffaloes, a beautiful Apache girl gets caught between the warring fronts of the American Civil War. She escapes a brutal attack by bestialized soldiers only thanks to a principled general in the Confederate Army. When the general is fatally wounded in a battle shortly afterwards, he orders his loyal adjutant Brutus to bring the regiment's flag to safety. But Brutus is also badly wounded and finally saved by the Apache girl with the poison of a sacred snake. In the process, however, he is terribly disfigured and goes mad. Mutated into a barbaric killer, he slaughtered his way through the wild west - torn between thirst for blood and blind obedience. Can the noble sheriff put an end to his trail of corpses?

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