Monday, November 22, 2021

European Western Comic Books ~ L’AVVENTURIERO giornale quindicinale illustrato d'avventure di terra, d'aria e di mare







 The Adventurer fortnightly illustrated newspaper of land, air and sea adventures

The newspaper was first published in 1926 beginning with #1 on April 15, 1926 and ended with #18 on December 31, 1926. It was published in Florence. Italy by the Nerbini Publishing House under director: Mario Nerbini and printer Printer: A. Vallecchi each issue was 12 black and white pages and beginning with issue #10 it was published in color. Texts by Mario Contarini, Emilio Fancelli, Gianni Tommasi, Guglielmo Stocco. Illustrations by Chiostri, Tancredi Scarpelli, Giove Toppi and Natoli. Covers by Giove Toppi (#1/9) and Tancredi Scarpelli (#10/18).

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