Monday, November 8, 2021

New Film Release ~ The Young Chief Winnetou

 Der junge Hauptling Winnetou – German title

The Young Chief Winnetou – English title


A 2020 German, Spanish film production [SamFilm GmbH, Fresno Film Services]

Producer: Eva Karlström

Director: Mike Marzuk

Story: Gesa Scheibner, Mike Marzuk

Screenplay: Gesa Scheibner, Mike Marzuk

Cinematography: Alexander Fischerkoesen[color]

Music: Wolfram de Marco, Fabian Römer

Running time: 96 minutes



Winnetou – Mike Ullritz

Tom Silver – Milo Haaf

Nscho-tschi – Lola Linnea Padotzke

Intschu-tschuna – Mehmet Kurtulus

Todd Crow – Anatole Taubman

Nagi-Nita – Tim Oliver Schultz

Miss Hawkens – Silke Franz

Sheriff Wilson – Helmfried von Luttichau

Deputy Sheriff Wilson – Axel Schreiber

Miss Elly – Sunny Bansemer

Hank – Hendrik von Bültzingslöwen

Freddy – Michael Kranz

Butch – Daniel Christensen

Foley – Kjell Brutscheldt

Apache warrior – Xenia Assenza

Horse master: Vanessa Wieduwilt

With: Hildegard Schmahi

While the 12-year-old chief's son Winnetou already sees himself as a great warrior, his father Intschu-Tschuna is of the opinion that his son still has a lot to learn. When the absence of the buffalo threatens the Indian people, Winnetou seizes the chance to prove himself to his father. Together with the orphan boy Tom, he embarks on a dangerous adventure to save the Apache people.

Released in Germany October 15, 2021



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