Thursday, November 11, 2021

50th Anniversary of the premier of “Blindman”

 Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Rome premier of “Blindman”. Directed by Ferdiand Baldi and starring Tony Anthony, Lloyd Battista, Ringo Star and Raf Baldassarre. The film tells the story of a blind gunman’s been hired to deliver 50 brides to a group of miners. His partner Skunk double-crosses him and sells them to a Mexican bandit named Domingo and his brother Candy. The women are taken to Mexico with the intention of selling them to the Mexican army, whom Domingo intends to double-cross. Blindman with the help of his horse finds the women and demands that Domingo return them to him. Domingo refuses and throws him out. Blindman cleverly kdnaps Candy and holds him for ransom for the 50 women. Domingo agrees but when Blindman has them loaded onto a train headed north he discovers the 50 young, beautiful women have been substituted for 50 gagged old women. Blindman is now out for blood and again confronts Domingo, who has him thrown into a dungeon with the captured Mexican general. Here he is tortured by the Mexican bandit’s sister Sweet Mama. Blindman helps the general to escape, turns the tables on Sweet Mama, and sets a trap for Domingo. In the end he meets Domingo in a darkened cemetery building and with the playing surface now being equal, kills him and the rest of the Mexican bandits are defeated by the general and his men who have come to the rescue of our hero.

Far and away Tony Anthony’s best western it has remained a cult classic.


Il pistolero cieco – Italian title

Blindman – Italian title

Blindman – U.K. title

La marca del ciego – Argentinian title

O cego – Brazilian title

A morte do Pistoleiro - Brazilian title

O retorn do Gringo - Brazilian title

Preso na Escuridão - Brazilian title

Слепецът- Bulgarian title

La marca del ciego - Chilean title

Den blinde hævner - Danish title

Sokea tappaja – Finnish title

Blindman, le justicier aveugle – French title

Blindman, der Vollstrecker – German title

50 gyaikes gia to pistoli mou – Greek title

To exasfairo tis prodosias – Greek title

Monomahia sto el viento – Greek title

盲目ガンマン - Japanese title

O justiceiro sem olhos - Portuguese ttle

Слепой - Russian title

El justiciero ciego – Spanish title

Il pistolero cieco – Spanish title

Kör Adam - Turkish title

Slepi revolveras -Yugoslavian title

Slepiot revolveras – Yugoslavian title

Blindman – U.S.A. title


A 1971 British, Italian film co-production [ABKCO Films (London), Primex/Produzione

     Atlas Consorziate (Rome)]

Producers: Saul Swimmer, Tony Anthony (Roger Petitto)

Director: Ferdinando Baldi

Story: Tony Anthony (Roger Petitto)

Screenplay: Piero Anchisi, Tony Anthony (Roger Petitto), Lloyd Battista, Vincenzo Cerami, Ferdinando Baldi

Cinematography: Riccardo Pallottini [Technicolor, Techniscope]

Music: Stelvio Cipriani

Running time: 110 minutes



Blindman - Tony Anthony (Roger Petitto)

Candy - Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey)

Domingo - Lloyd Battista

Pilar - Agneta Eckemyr

Pilar’s father - Franz Treuberg (Franz von Treuberg)

Sweet Mama - Magda Konopka

Mexican general - Raf Baldassarre (Raffaele Baldassarre)

Train engineer - Tito Garcia (Pablo Gonzalez)

Mexican soldiers - Tomás Rudy (Tomás Rudi), Salavatore Billa, Tony Casale, Bruno


Mexican officers - Fortunato Arena, Ennio Antonelli

Skunk - Renato Romano

Bearded rifleman - Mal Evans (Malcolm Evans)

Fat rifleman - Allen Klein

Sheriff – John Frederick

Dude - David Dreyer (David Petitto)

Margherita - Marisa Solinas (Maria Solinas)

Maid - Carla Brait

Prostitute - Janine Raynaud

Posada patron - Alberigo Donadeo

Domingo henchman - Augusto Funari

Brides - Shirley Corrigan (Patricia Corrigan), Karin Skaresso, Lucretia Love, Isabella

     Savona, Elena Veronese (Elena Puatto), Malisa Longo (Maria Longo), Mary Badin,

     Dominique Badou, Katerina Lindfelt, Alice Mannell, Krista Nell (Doreis Kristanel),

     Helen Parker (Barbara Loy), Giuliana Giuliani, Solvi Stubing, Melù Valente, Diana

     Lorys (Anna Vega), Mirta Miller (Mirta Chatard)

With: Gaetano Scala, Remo de Angelis, Guido Mannari

Master of Arms – Remo De Angelis

Stunts: Alberto Dell’Acqua


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