Friday, November 12, 2021

The Legend of Henry Weston and His Rustlers

 La leyenda de Henry Weston y sus cuatreros – Spanish title

The Legend of Henry Weston and His Rustlers – English title


A 2020 Spanish film production

Producer: Oscar Gagliardi

Director: Oscar Gagliardi

Story: Oscar Gagliardi

Screenplay: Oscar Gagliardi

Cinematography: Oscar Gagliardi

Music: Oscar Gagliardi

Running time: 17 minutes


Story: Henry is a self-made old west outlaw. After years of working alone, he decides to form a gang of outlaws to carry out robberies. This is the story of how that professional band was forged and the magnificent planning of his first big hit. What could go wrong?



Henry Weston - Txema Mirazo

Jessy Dee - Jessica Simpson

Amanda - Pedro Tudela

Joe - Gideon Richardson

Lil Logan - Joaquin Oiz

Big Logan - Paco Soler

Billy the Kid - Yoel Martinez

Waiter - Fernando Redón.


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