Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Fighting Irish of the Civil War

Fàg an Bealach – Irish title
Clear the Way – English title
The Fighting Irish of the Civil War – English title

A 2011 Irish production [Tile Films (Dublin)]
Producer: Stephen Rooke
Director: Keith Farrell
Story: Keith Farrell
Screenplay: Keith Farrell
Cinematography: Peter Robertson [color]
Music: n/a
Running time: 2 x 52 minutes

Presenter – Brian Mallon
Brigadier-General Thomas Francis Meagher – Don Wycherley
James McKay Rorty – Jonathan Byrne
Peter Welsh - Colin D. Farrell
Recruit – Michael Kyne
Civilian - Alicia Styer
Civilian child - Ethan Styer
Father William Corby – John Neely
Elizabeth Townsend Meagher – Hillary Styer (Hillary Clark)
Maria Lydig Daly – Lesa Thurman
Union soldier – Erik Young, Keith E. Whitehead, Kurt Grauf

Two part television docudrama tells the dramatic story of one of the greatest units in the American Civil War - The Irish Brigade and its charismatic leader General Thomas Francis Meagher in two episodes “Clear the Way” and “The Last Full Measure”.

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