Friday, June 10, 2016

La fiancée du cow-boy

La fiancée du cow-boy – French title
Die Braut des Cow-Boys – German title

A 1909 French production [Pathé Frères Production (Paris)]
Producer: ?
Director: ?
Story: ?
Screenplay: ?
Cinematography: ? [Koloriert]
Running time: 180 meters


A cowboy, James Hooton, has stopped an Indian marauder, who ridees away vowing revenge. While James awaits the arrival of the pretty Maud Burkley, his fiancée, the Indian, is cowering in a ditch, spying on him. He decides to surprise the two lovers and plans his revenge in his mind. Hours later, the Indian tribe, armed to the teeth, puts a log across the road to be followed by Maud. James, seeing the obstacle stops to remove it. Immediately, the Indians jump on him, bind him and take him prisoner. Maud, distraught, returns to her house for help and, accompanied by her father, goes after her fiancé. As she follows the trail of the kidnappers, the daughter of the chief of the tribe comes to draw water from the river. Maud and her father seize her, and retains her to exchange her for the freedom of James. Hooton is shown tied to a stake and serving as a target Indian arrows, and facing the torture of scalping.

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