Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fistful of Dreams

Por un puñado de sueños - Spanish title
Il etait une fois le Spaghetti Western - French title
Once Upon a Time in Almeria – English title
Fistful of Dreams - English title

A 2003 Spanish TV production [Jaleo Films (Seville), Canal Sur Telelvision (Madrid)]
Producers: Antonio Lobo Alvaro Alonso 
Director: Antonio Lobo
Teleplay: Antonio Lobo, Alberto Llamas
Photography: Jordi Abusada [black & white, color]
Music: Jose M. García Pelayo (José Manuel García-Pelayo)
Running time: 82 minutes

Carla Leone, Eli Wallach, Claudia Cardinale, Carlo Leva, Antonio Ruiz, Sergio Leone [archive], Antonio Plaza, Juan Fernández, Diego Fernández, Curro Sánchez, Paco Barrilado (Francisco Barrilado), Pepe Figueredo, Moises Gujarro, Antonio Ramírez, Cecilio Cesar Morales, José Terioso, Una Escena, José Ortiz, José Berenguel, Antonio Pérez, Dolores Gungora, Francis Cecilio, Cesar Morales, Antonio Ortiz, Modesto Jiminez Fernández

During the sixties and part of the seventies, Almeria became the filmmaking California of   Southern Europe. In this province of Andalucia dozens of Western films were shot. The first of these, starring a young Clint Eastwood, “A Fistful of Dollars” was so successful it gave rise to a complete film genre, the Spaghetti Western. This documentary shows us what this time was like, how the Almeria residents at that time lived this experience and what is left of all this.

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