Monday, June 20, 2016

Five Card Draw

Five-Card Draw – English title

A 2014 British, Spanish co-production [Dream Bigger Pictures (London)]
Producer: Sthefanny Luna, Pedro Rudolphi
Director: Pedro Rudolphi
Story: Pedro Rudolphi
Screenplay: Pedro Rudolphi
Cinematography: Ronalds Mezmacs [color]
Music: Alex Blackstaffe
Running time: 22 minutes

Ellis Gibbs – James Dallimore
Big Billy – Rebel Dean
Calvin Sharp – Todd Kramer
Ace Pierce – Benjamin Murray
Carlos Paz – Paulo Rivera
With: Chris Beaumont
Stunt coordinator - Steen Young
Stunts: Steen Young

They didn't call it the 'wild west' for nothing. A hand of poker, a bottle of cheap whiskey and life is sweet enough. But all the fun is over when Calvin Sharp and his gang roll into town looking for a particular man.

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