Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Who Are Those Guys? - Miguel Bose

Miguel Bose was born Luchino Gonzales Borlani in Panama City, Panama on April 3, 1956. Miguel is the son of Italian actress Lucia Bosè (real name Lucia Borloni) and bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín. He is the brother of actress Lucia Dominguín Bosé [1957-    ] model Paola Bosé and a cousin of the late TV presenter Carmen Ordóñez [1955-2004], uncle of actress Bimba Bosé [1975-    ] and actor Nicolás Coronado [1988-    ].. He grew up in an environment surrounded by art and culture. Close friends of his family were Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway. His godfather was Luchino Visconti and Pablo Picasso was the godfather of his sister Paola Dominguin.

Propelled by his famous family and their friends, in 1971, Bosé started a career as an actor, participating in various films. He quickly won spots on the basis of his talent and good looks alone, rather than his name, and he did study serious acting as well as dancing and singing. However, he did not make that many films, and in 1975 he decided a career change was due and started exploring his talents as a singer. With the assistance of Camilo Blanes he recorded his first singles. Two years later, in 1977, Bosé signed a contract with CBS Records, and he remained with them until 1984. Between 1977 and 1982, Bosè was a major teen idol in Italy, Spain and Southern Europe in general. He had 7 top ten hits in a disco/new wave trend that earned him a secure spot in every televised song festival held in the aforementioned countries, but, by 1983, his star had severely waned in Italy, and he rarely performed there again until the 2000s, retreating to Latin American markets instead, becoming an honorary Colombian citizen in 2010.

Miguel is still immensely popular in Central and South America where he continues to record and perform today.

BOSE, Miguel (aka Miguel Bosé) (Miguel Luchino Gonzales Borlani) [4/3/1956, Panama City, Panama –     ] - singer, son of actress Lucia Bosé [1931-    ], actor Luis Miguel Dominguín [1926- 1996], brother of actresses Lucia Dominguín Bosé [1957-    ], model Paola Bosé [1960-    ], cousin of TV presenter Carmen Ordóñez [1955-2004], uncle of actress Bimba Bosé [1975-    ], uncle of actor Nicolás Coronado [1988-    ], father of Diego Bosé [2011-    ], Tadeo Bosé [2011-    ] through a surogate mother.
California - 1977 (Willy Preston)

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