Saturday, May 30, 2015

Geronimo and the Bandits (TV)

Geronimo und die Räuber – German title
Geronimo and the Bandits – English title

A 1966 West German television production [ZDF (Main)]
Director: Arthur M. Rabenalt (Arthur Maria Rabenalt)
Story: Josef Martin Bauer
Screenplay: Franz Geiger
Cinematography: ? [color]
Music: Jacques Loussier
Running time: 80 minutes

Tomeo – Hubert Suschka
Barnaba – Vladimir Bačić
Miguel – Andrej Nahtigal
Geronimo – Siegfried Rauch
Don Antonio – Kurt Großkurth
Dona Catalina – Gudrum Thielmann
Don Alfonso – Michael Hinz
Captain – Vladimir Leib
Executioner’s assistant – Herbert Knippenberg

Little is known about this musical comedy other than the cast and crew on this made for TV Euro-western based on a radio play of the same name broadcast in 1951. This film version was broadcast on ZDF German TV-Erstsendung on June 23,1966.

[Anyone who has any further information please comment.]

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