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DreamKeeper (TV)

Cuvar snova – Croatian title
DreamKeeper – Finnish title
DreamKeeper – Greek title
DreamKeeper – German title
Álomőrzők – Hungarian title
El cazador de sueños – Spanish title
El guardián de los sueños – Spanish title
DreamKeeper – English title

A 2003 U.S.A., Canadian, German television co-production [CPTC (Toronto), RTL Productions (Germany), Sextant Entertainment Group (Hollywood)]
Producer: Ron McLeod, Matthew O'Connor
Director: Steve Barron
Story: John Fusco
Teleplay: John Fusco
Photography: Jon Joffin [color]
Music: Stephen Warbeck
Running time: 2 episodes x 54 minutes

Grandpa - August Schellenberg
Shane - Eddie Spears (Edward Spears II)
Iktome - Gary Farmer
Coyote - John Trudell
Eagle Boy - Chaske Spencer
Quillwork/Powwow girl – Teneil Whiskeyjack
She Crosses the Water - Alex Rice
Thunder Spirit - Michael Greyeyes
Old Pawnee Woman - Tantoo Cardinal (Rose Cardinal)
Dirty Belly - Dakota House
High Horse - Sean Wei Mah
Mae Little Wounded/Blue Bird Woman – Sage (Sage Galesi)
Kills Enemy - Gordon Tootoosis
Iron Spoon - Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman
Janine - Sheila Tousey
Red Headed Stranger /Tehan – Scott Grimes
Thin Elk’s Wife - Victoria Aberdeen
Grandfather Stone – George Aguilar
Broken Lance – Nathaniel Arcand
Crow Hunter – Gerald Auger
Little New Rider – Sekwan Auger
Fourth Brother – Zachary Nola Auger
Two Lodges – Joanne Badger
War Chief – Russell Badger
Second Brother – Simon Baker
Raven – Lawrence Bayne
Old Kiowa – Clifford Crane Bear
Young Pawnee – William Belleau
First Brother – Terry Bigcharles (Terry Big Charles)
Hunter – Stan Big Sorrel Horse
Big Bow – Patric James Bird
Sam – Gil Birmingham
Dog Soldiers – Jonathan Brewer, Colin Van Loon
Ogalala Lakota warrior – Wright Bruised Head (Wright Bruisedhead)
Sky Woman – Casey Camp-Horinek
Red Deer – Tokala Clifford
Young Lakota Woman – Stacy DaSilva (Stacy Da Silva)
Little Hand – Kyle Daniels 
Third Brother – William Daniels
Brother – Joseph Darwish
Ekuskini – Travis Dugas
Carve Woman – Gloria Eshkibok
Crosses Father - Leonard George
Buffalo Runner – Jerry Dale Giroux
Old Medicine Man – Saginaw Grant
Mohawk Farmer – Lenne Greenwood
Pretty Woman – Kimberly Norris Guerrero
Shadow Catcher – Stephen Hair
Buffalo Bull – Al Harrington (Tausau Ta'a)
Multnomah Elder – Jimmy Herman
Crosses Clan Mother – Margo Kane
Iktome’s wife – Geraldine Keams
Lakota Child – Julian Kootenhayoo
Pawnee Elder – Michael Lamouche
Lakota woman – Alexandra Lazarowich
Young Clatsop hunter – George Leach
Young soldier – Dave Leader
Verdel – Nathan Chasing Horse (Nathan Chasing His Horse)
Sixth brother – Cody Lightning
Crystal Hart – Georgina Lightning
B Dog Soldier – Cory Little Light
Soldiers – Darren Lucas, Steve Strachan (Stephen Strachan)
Little Brother - Mato
Colonel – David McNally
Young High Horse – Niall Own Chief
Young Red Deer – Vincent Papequash
Old Multnomah Columbia River Woman – Wilma Pelly
Oglala Lakota Chief – Sykes Powderface
Thunder Boy – Griffin Powell-Arcand
Old woman – Edna Rain
Pawnee girl – Sheena Shymanski
Ghost Hunter – Sammy Simon
Multnomah Columbia River Chief – Cliff Solomon
Thin Elk – Anthony Starlight
Talks A Lot – Delanna Studi
Morning Horse – Michelle Thrush
Whirlwind Dreamer – Tyrone Tootoosis
Salmon Hunter p – Helmer Twoyoungmen
Chief’s daughter – Misty Upham
Fifth brother – Sarain Waskawitch
Wrangler – James Weldon
Thin Elk’s wife – Bertha Twin
With: Lesia Bear
Stuntmen: Allen Bruised Head Allen Bruisedhead, Marty Wiloman Chiefcalf (Marty Chiefcalf),
Arthur Sonny Clegg, Chad Cosgrave, Tom Eirikson, Ben Lewis, William Linders, Juddson Keith Linn, Cam Sutherland, Brent Woolsey, Ken Zilka, Lesia Bear, Jim Finkbeiner, Terrance Leigh, Shawn C. Orr, Dwayne Wiley

In South Dakota, in an Indian reservation, an old storyteller Indian asks his grandson Shane, who is in trouble owing money to some bad guys, to take his old pony and him to Albuquerque to the great powwow, an Indian meeting. The plot unwinds as the two travel from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota to the fictitious All Nations powwow in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a trip the grandson takes only under duress. Along the way, the grandfather tells his grandson various Indian stories and legends to help him understand and choose the "good red road," i.e. to embrace an Indian identity.

This made for television film was co-produced by Canada, U.S.A. and Germany. Filming lasted four months and took place mainly in Canada. Representatives of the Lakota, Kiowa, Cheyenne, Pawnee, Blackfeet, Mohawk and Crow tribes came on board the film to evaluate the authenticity of the production during filming and to suggest changes. Some scenes involved shooting a stampeding herd of 1,500 buffalo.

The production was awarded: 2003, American Indian Film Festival: Best Film: 2004, Emmy Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special: 2004 Humanitarian Award—John Fusco—First Americans in the Arts.

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