Monday, May 4, 2015

RIP José Canalejas

Spanish actor José Canalejas died at his Madrid home on May 1st, he was 90. Born on February 14, 1925 in Madrid he was a familiar face to all Spaghetti western fans. From the earliest Spanish western of the 1960s until his final appearance in Scalps in 1986 he appeared in nearly 50 westerns alone. He retired in 1997.  José was a familiar face to all of us since first seeing him in the Dollars Trilogy of Sergio Leone. Along with such other Spanish cohorts as Aldo Sambrell, Antonio Molino Rojo, Frank Brana, Luis Barboo, Cris Huerta Daniel Martín and José Manuel Martín these were the henchmen we grew to know and love as much as the stars. Only José Manuel Martín remains.

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