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Fortune (TV)

Fortune - French title
Fortune - English title

A 1967 French, Swiss TV co-production [O.R.T.F./Telfrance (Paris)]
Producer: Louis Falavigna, Bernard Darby
Director: Henri Colpi (Enrico Colpi)
Story: Based on a play by Bernard Dabry (Louis Falavigna)
Teleplay: Bernard Dabry (Louis Falavigna)
Photography: Jean-Jacques Guyard [color]
Music: George Delerue
Running time: 13 episodes x 26 minutes, 5 x 60 minutes

Johan Sutter - Pierre Michaël (Pierre Baguette)
Maniku - Georges Hilarion
John Bidwell - Marc Eyraud (Elisse Eyraud)
James Marshall - Pierre Meyrand
Sutter’s father - Louis Arbessier
Anna Sutter - Francoise Giret (Denise Giret)
Maria Sutter - Frédérique Naldini
Kit Carson - Gérard-Antoine Huart
Heckli - Pierre Collet (Emile Collet)
Hartlieb - Edmond Beauchamp
Arthur Edward Sullivan - Raymond Meunier
Molly - Michel Montfort
Sam Brannan - Gérard Buhr
Captain of the ‘Clementine’ - Fernand Guiot
Colonel Ivan Ivanovitch - Pascal Mazzotti (Pasquale Mazzotti)
Borotchenko - Antoine Mosin
Alexandre Rotschoff - Léo Campion
Reston - Jean-Jacques Douvaine
Mayor of Yerba Buena - Léonce Corne
Madam Alvarado - Rita Maiden
Alvarez - Jacques Maréchal
Governor Alvarado - Pierre Mirat
General Vallejo - Mario Pilar
Howard - André Var
Finlay - Jean‑José Fleury
Jenny Carruthers - Geneviève Fontanel
Frederic Sutter as an infant - Bertrand Desmarais
Jimmy Simpson - Yves Bureau

New York tavern owner - Bruno Balp
Dickinson - Charles Blayette
Cashier - Jacques Ebner
Sir James Douglas - Jean Bolo
Santa Ana - André Cellier (André  Cellie)
Gregory Davies - Jean Gras
Michel Torena - Claude Joseph
Mac Calhoun - Jacques Maire
Duflot de Mofras - Philippe Mareuil
Parkenheim - Charles Millot (Veljko Milojevic)
Morrison - George Montal
Doctor Charles Robinson - Jean-Paul Moulinot
Fort Sutter tavern owner - Raoul Billerey
San Francisco tavern owner - Jean-Marie Bon
Sherman - Claude Brosset
Wainwright - Pierre Ferval (Paul Fabregas)
Deserter - Guy Fox
Monk - Paul Bisciglia
Frederic Sutter - Georges Claisse
Jess Clark - Daniel Grall
Mac Dougall - Jacques Hilling
Walter Griffith - Jean-Jacques Lagarde
Governor Peter Burnett - Robert Le Béal (Robert Le Bealle)
Maxwell Tyne - Marcel Charvey (Marcel Bordinckx)
Clifford - Raymond Loyer
Young lawyer - Jean-Pierre Moreux
Arnold - Hubert Noël
Justice officer - Jean-Claude Robbe
Savitt - Albert Simono
Charles Cooper - Roland Giraud
James Brooke - Armand Abplanalp
Old senator - Georges Adet (Georges Roseville-Adet)
Young senator - Yves Arcanel (Yves Faivre)
Mathilde - Annick Allières
San Franciscan librarian - Lucien Barjon (Lucien Bargeon)
M. Burckardt - Paul Bonifas
Journalist - Philippe Chauveau (Jacques Chauveau)
Tavern owner - Luc Delhumeau
Little Cheyenne - Gil Gueci
Rawlins - Pierre Lafont
Inès Guttierez - Françoise Meyruels
Senator - Marcel Midroit
Ivan Ivanovitch - Henri Moatti
Frank Molloy - Michel Midroit
Marc Burckardtt - Laure Paillette (Laure Lapaille)

Harrison - Paul Pavel (Paul Kriatchko)
William Radford - Michel Peyrelon
Sheriff - Douglas Read
British commandant - Jacques Robiolles
Dolores - Maria-Rosa Rodriguez
Ted Savitt - Albert Simono
Servant - Nicole Vassel
Bartlett - Jacques Verlier (Jackie Stämpfli)
Mayor - Gilbert Robin
Delegate to the Monterey convention - Jean-Louis Tristan (Tristan Bassiere)
With: Marius Balbinot, Martine Ferriere (Claude Jacquin), Jean Farnival (Jean Franceschi), Roger Lumont (Roger Rougerie), Armand Meffre, Martine Pascal, Pierre Richard (Pierre Defays), Geroges Riquier, Daniel Sarky (Daniel Orlic), Veronique Silver (Louise Purret)

This television drama series depicts the life of the Swiss Johann August Sutter who settled in America in 1834. He landed in California in 1839 after crossing the continent and also ventured to Honolulu and Alaska. He made his fortune by building in the Sacramento Valley of California the first and the largest colony of immigrants in the future state, and nearly became governor of California. The discovery of gold on his land in January 1848 sparked the famous gold rush that paradoxically caused his downfall and ruin.

Fortune was a French television series in 13 episodes of 26 minutes each, created by Bernard Dabry (Louis Falavigna) based on his play and directed by Henri Colpi. The series was broadcast from March 2nd to May 25th 1969 on the first channel of the ORTF. The last broadcast dates were from 25 August to 4 September, 1987, on FR3; It took place on the basis of 9 episodes instead of 13. Bernard Dabry transformed this drama into a book, Fortune, published in 1969 in the GP Publishing, Department of Presses de la Cité.

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