Thursday, May 14, 2015

El Fantasmo de Fort Bravo (TV)

El Fantasmo de Fort Bravo – Spanish title
(The Ghost of Fort Bravo – translated English title)

A 2014 Spanish television production [Plural Entertainment, Cuatro TV (Madrid)]
Producer: Rafael García Mediano
Director: Iker Jiménez (Iker Elizari)
Story: Alberto Cerezuela
Screenplay: Iker Jiménez (Iker Elizari)
Cinematography: Álvaro Germán Vilela [color]
Running time: 12 minutes

Host - Iker Jiménez
With: Paco Pérez Caballero (Francisco Pérez Caballero), Alberto Cerezuela, Rafael Molina, Jesús Sánchez (Antonio Zapata), Ricardo Cruz (Ricardo Moral)

An episode of the Spanish TV series Cuatro Milenio (The Fourth Millennium) investigates the reports of a stuntman who died tragically in 2007 who now haunts the Fort Bravo film set in the desert of Tabernas of Almeria. The ghost is friendly and keeps an eye on his colleagues who work at the film studio.

Cuarto milenio is a Spanish television program directed and presented by journalist Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter. The program has been broadcast weekly on television channel Cuatro since November 2005. The program explores various topics such as conspiracy, occult, criminology, ufology, psychology, parapsychology, demonology, archaeology, history, and zoology.

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