Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Eye of the Wolf (TV)

Eye of the Wolf - Canadian title
Eramaatarina -Kazan - French title
Kazan - Italian title
Kazan el perro lobo - Spanish title
Eye of the Wolf - English title

A 1994 Canadian, French television co-production [Cinevideo Plus (Montreal), Ellipse
Programme, Gaumont Television (Paris)]
Producers: Justine Heroux, Severine Olivier-Lacamp, Jacques Salles
Director: Arnaud Sélignac
Story: “Kazan the Wolf Dog” by James Oliver Curwood
Teleplay: Jonathan Hales
Photography: Michel Mandéro [color]
Music: Alain Chamfort (Alain Yves le Govic)
Running time: 97 minutes

Paul Weyman - Jeff Fahey (Jeffrey Fahey)
Jo - Sophie Duez
Taggart - Lorne Brass
Frank - Patrice Bissonnette
Jacques - Vlasta Vrana
McCready - Aron Tager
Frazer - Charles Doucet
Sergeant - Serge Houde
Mountie - Bruno Parent
Little girl - Eve Helt
Jones - Mark Parr
Harker - Michael McGill
Hunters - Jean-Pierre Perusse, Mark Bromilow
Fighters - Minor Mustain, Richard Zeman

Paul Weyman is a government zooligist who is studying the wolves in the  mountains of the Canadian north. During his work he stumbles across a dead Canadian Mountie and a courageous wolf who stands guard over it. Weyman brings the wolf to the nearest camp where a young woman named Jo, takes him in naming him Kazan. Later in the story on a trip with her husband, they happen to cross paths with a thief named McCready who is the murderer of the Mountie, who unsuccessfully tries to rob them. Jo and the wolf later meet up with zooligist, Paul, who studies Kazan and his life cycle.

‘Eye of the Wolf’ was an episode of the Canadian, French co-produced 1994 five part mini-series ‘Tales of the Wild’. The other episodes were called ‘Legends of the North’ ‘Kazan’, ‘Bari’ and ‘Blood of the Hunter’.

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