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Who Are Those Gals? - Maite Blasco

Maite Blasco was born María Teresa Blasco Ranera was born in Madrid, Madrid, Spain on December 1, 1938. She began her career as a professional actress with Fernando Fernan Gomez, first in the theater and later in the film “La vida alrededor” in 1959 andHistoria de una noche” in 1963, among others. She follow this up with such stage productions as “Charley's Aunt” (1959) by Brandon Thomas, “Oscar” (1960) by Claude Magnier, “Portazos” (1960) by Michel Fermaud. Her stage career has continued with her last appearance in “Madre coraje y sus hijos” (2010), de Bertolt Brecht
Maite appeared in many television productions in the 1960s, such as Studio 1, Front Row and Fiction, where some literary works of various authors were adapted; Foremost was “A Summer Nights Dream, by William Shakespeare made ​​in 1971.
She made ​​soap operas on television with Lola Herrera, Paco Valladares, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Silvia Tortosa and Andrés Mejuto. Her presence in Spanish Television was almost uninterrupted during the 1960s and 1970s. Her presence was also seen in televised theater plays. Estudio 1 broadcast varies series: “Mujeres solas” (1960-1961), “Chicas en la ciudad” (1962), “Rosi y los demás” (1963), “Primera fila” (1964), “Teatro de siempre” (1967-1970) and “Novela” (1964-1978). As Margaret Grayson she appeared in only one ‘Euro-western “Ride and Kill (1963) in the role of Eva.
Maite disappeared from the Spanish scene for over a decade to settle in Italy, and on her return she rejoined the cinema in films like “Los peores años de nuestra vida” (1994), “El perro del hortelano” (1996), “Sobreviviré” (1999) and “Las 13 rosas” (2007). On television she has appeared in “Doctor Mateo”, “Central Hospital” and “Amar en tiempos revueltos”.
Since 1977 she has been married to actor José Manuel Cervino [1940-    ].

BLASCO, Maite (aka Margaret Grayson) (María Teresa Blasco Ranera) [12/3/1938, Madrid, Madrid, Spain -     ] – TV actress, married to actor José Manuel Cervino [1940-    ] (1977-    ).
Ride and Kill – 1963 (Eva) [as Margaret Grayson]

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