Monday, July 21, 2014

That Will Be the Day

That Will Be the Day - International title
A 2013 Spanish production [Fotonix Arts (Spain)]
Producer: Jose Parcerisa
Director: Albert Escuder (Albert Olóndriz)
Story: Albert Escuder (Albert Olóndriz)
Screenplay: Albert Escuder (Albert Olóndriz), Pablo I. Castrillo (Pablo Ignacio Castrillo Maortua)
Cinematographer: Mario Hernández [color]
Music: Joan Vicente i Durà
Running time: 14 minutes
Josey Mitzberg - Victor Esteban Sole
Grayson Tucker - Julius Cotter
Harry Mitzberg - Krishna Salleras
Bill Rodigues - Christian López Lamelas
Jack Boots - Arturo Secco
Bud Aide - Jose Parcerisa

In his youth, Josey Mitzberg was a murderer and a bounty-hunter. But times changed and he got married, settled down and left that life behind him. Since the death of his wife and the departure of his son, he has lived alone on his ranch, lost in the depths of the countryside. One day, a postman arrives with some news that will make Josey leave the ranch and come face to face with everything he swore to leave behind.

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